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Review: I went with a friend that recently moved to Barcelona. There were just a few tables busy but service took quite long. Portions were excessive and for a dinner probably to heavy and greasy. The bartender a young friendly girl, was a bit lost, and left cleaning stuff in our table instead of our bread and they chased a couple questioning if they had paid. I was very hopeful as there are very little good vegan restaurants in Barcelona, so to see a great possibility of a restaurant work like that was really sad. We are not willing to try again, but maybe it was just a one of situation..


Posted by marmot1972 on Friday, June 29, 2012
Well you are in Barcelona now... and trust me that was not the case, it was clear they were leaving the place (bags and coats on) and even I had seen they have paid.

As for the food, none of the plates in the menu that night were healthy, trust me. As explained it was a first time for trial, and sometimes you do not match with a place, is just one of this cases but is a pity as there is very little options in such a big city where you can dine out.
Posted by marmot1972 on Wednesday, July 4, 2012
I posted my review as well as the Vegetalia one (that you are still ignoring) the day I read your post in Facebook diminishing the rest of restaurants to give you publicity. (Quote "why people coming to work with us from all other vegan restaurants in Barcelona, serve so little in the plates" Unquote) If you need to do such a negative comment to give your place publicity is a sad image... Our visit to your place started in us the idea to have a vegan healthy space, where you can get proper healthy and organic food, with a naturopathy / dietist checking on the menues, instead of a ton of macaroni with cauliflower that could be used to build a wall. As per your staff, well I said enough on that day, maybe was the moon. We have been supporting all vegan businesses both in Spain and in Uk, as if you read my review there are too little places in such a big city. Places like Gopal, Juicy Jones, Vegetalia, Lujuria Vegana, La Estrella, Maoz etc, are always in my posts and recommendations to my non vegans friends trying to get a better understanding of what been vegan is, and obviously to my vegan friends all over the world. I wish you a long business life, and luckily there would be more vegan businesses open soon, just hope you choose to be a gastro pub, not just an Oxfod St. tourist joint as you seem to like to be.
Posted by marmot1972 on Wednesday, July 4, 2012
I reviewed your place following my experience, terrible... But well I see that you cannot accept a fair review.. Sad... Check your facebook as you seem not to remember your words.
No Vegetalia is not mu supplier, i use Biospirit, they are still great.
Happy birthday, but as said in my first post, would be very careful efore going back there, furthermore after all this posts full of excuses.
Any time you wish for your review, we would not change our ways of working for a hatred threat as this. Grow up and accept there could be bad reviews if your service annd food are not good, and 1cth Feb evening that was a nightmare. Goodbye by now, no more replies from me.
Posted by CatBarCat on Wednesday, July 4, 2012
You should state that you just opened another vegan food place in town,
and that your visit was 6 months ago.
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