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by runsten

Review: Why eat vegan junk food? Not well prepared, strange attitude from staff. Only burgers and pizza on the menu. I would not recommend you to visit this place. I love to support vegan places but the food is simple. You can make a better vegan pizza or hamburger at home. Updated from previous review on Thursday February 06, 2014 Some one wrote about the fries - they are really strange and the fries were like this time when I was here 3 years ago as well. Not tasty, look kind of burned and for me dangerous to eat! Updated from previous review on Saturday February 08, 2014 I came back again to try a burger. It was much better this time and the staff more friendly. I guess this place is a little bit uneven. On the other hand it is not a restaurant but a fast food place (with restaurant prices!). Updated from previous review on Thursday February 20, 2014


Posted by veganvelpenati on Friday, February 21, 2014
I really love this place and the food there and do not understand what your problem with these wonderful fries is?! Have you ever made fries yourself at home? When I do it, they always look exactly like the fries in the vego and I love the way they look because thus I can be sure that these are really good fries without any flour or other things mixed into it, just potatoes and nothing else! Yummy :) Besides, the people there were great. I had a nice chat and I can really recommend the Gyros and the Cheeseburger menu:) They even make the burgers with gluten-free bread if you ask, so for me this place is heaven and in my opinion the prices are really good, they are almost exactly the same as for "usual" fast food.
Posted by runsten on Saturday, February 22, 2014
Thanks for your response to my review. I appreciate it but will still comment on it;)

Taste is all different, I will not question that. Greasy fat and even burned food could be very appealing for our taste buds.

However, I am a little bit ambivalent to these kind of veggie fast food place. Yes, why do vegans all the time have to healthy food? We should be able to eat some vegan junk food sometimes. Nothing harmful with that.

However, the hamburger seems healthy, as long as they don't burn them as well (I experienced slightly burned hamburgers as well at this place).

I believe that french fries are always unhealthy to eat but it is worse if they are burned. You asked the right (or wrong?) person if I know how really fries taste. I only order French fries in restaurants if they are made IN the restaurant, which means that the slice the potato and prepare it in the kitchen of the restaurant. This is the kind of French fries you would get in any good restaurant but they might not even call it French fries.

These fries at veggie world look not only burned but they are not stiff! They are soft, hanging like sad snakes or something. Dripping of fat (burned old oil as well?). Probably the slice potato and deep fry them but they do something wrong since they burn them and make them soft, greasy and brown!

My question is when you had really French fries because this is not how they are suppose to be. Go to Southern Europe or travel to Africa and experience real Fries, prepared by only potato, sliced in the kitchen and fried AFTER you have order them.
Posted by runsten on Saturday, February 22, 2014
i believe that people come here because it is close to their homes and cheap. But did you know that for 7 euro you get a superb hamburger with French fries and salad at KOPPS? This restaurant might be perceived as expansive, fancy and too snobbish, but at the end, you can get wonderful Hamburgers and Pizza from a REAL kitchen, for the same price as at Veggie World (it is 7 or even 9 euro for Burgers with salad and French Fries). So don't be scared of KOPPS just because you might be a "poor" student, you will get more value for less money there, than in Veggie World
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