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by Cameron

Review: Cakewalk is awesome, I love that place and the owner is a great lady. She really does some awesome stuff not just in her bakery but for the community as well. That said, all these kool-aid drinkers need to back off of City Cakes. 80% of the food is vegan and 80% of it's customers are not, is that not for the greater good? I think it is. Even if 20% (probably even less) of their menu isn't vegan. My theory has always been that my 95% friend is not my 5% enemy, or in this case I guess it would be my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I have serious doubts that there is enough vegans (that have money) in Utah to sustain any business. Cakewalk is going to have to appeal to non-vegans too if it wants to survive. How many of you patronize 100% vegan restaurants exclusively? How about if Mrs. Tu from Evergreen went around spreading rumors that Sage's wasn't vegan-- does that help anyone? Don't we want more choices as vegans? Ideally, the competition will make each business stronger as each one will focus on what it does best and strive to expand to appeal to non-vegans with awesome food and good prices. Who loses in that deal? We should put this controversy to rest. Every business needs to make money, get over it. Plenty of vegan owned businesses have to sell non-vegan stuff to get by, so what, if the choice is between having a business that strives to be vegan as much as commercially viable or having no vegan friendly businesses I'll take the first one. We'll never grow the movement catering to our own and casting stones at those who take a different approach. And by the way, I eat the shit out of enriched flour, sugar that was refined with bone char (virtually all of it is) and buy Silk on the reg-- so do most/all of the vegans I know-- no one has ever tried to challenge me over it. Need we go through the million item list of things that aren't really vegan that we all use? Bottom line- drop the personal vendetta. We'll all be happier with more options in town. Besides, travelers (like myself) count on these reviews to be honest assessments of food, not a soapbox for bitter people and their silly quest to destroy a business with a bunch of unsubstantiated rumors. I haven't had anything here that wasn't amazing. I will say that I prefer my mac and cheese heated all the way through (usually isn't)with plenty of sauce and bread crumbs and my cinnamon rolls with white flour. Great staff, I hope they expand their food menu.


Posted by Cameron on Friday, February 22, 2013
By the way, I do not believe the owner of Cakewalk even approves of the mudslinging. My guess would be that she is focused on her business, not someone else's.
Snake Eyed Jane
Posted by Snake Eyed Jane on Friday, February 22, 2013
I'm not a "Cakewalk soldier" by any means, so I hope that you weren't referring to me, and you're right, I don't think that Kelly would approve of mudslinging by any means. I think that I gave a fair review of City Cakes, naming both pros (their amazing lemon coconut cake, and friendly staff) and cons, as any good reviewer should. I don't think that saying that you prefer one bakery over another (which has nothing to do with how "vegan" one is as opposed to the other, but rather the variety, and the over all taste of their products) in a polite manner is mudslinging by any use of the term. For the record, I eat honey myself, so I'm not an uber-vegan, I only mentioned that they may not be completely vegan for the benefit of others, who just MIGHT care about things like that.
Posted by BlackJackJones on Monday, March 25, 2013
To say the owner wouldn't approve of the mudslinging shows just how little you know about her. I have known Kelly since her early punk days here in Utah. I can tell you she is one of the most grudge holding drama starting people I know. That being said. You don't think she is encouraging it? Then why are her employees and an old boyfriend of her's some of the ones posting? I know Kelly. Trust me, she is probably backing it up if not the one encouraging it.
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