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Respond to Review of CLOSED: Loving Hut - Eglinton Ave
by DuCourt

Review: This is my first review of a vegan restaurant in Toronto, Ontario. Hell this is my first review of a restaurant... Ever. I have just finished a meal at LOVING HUT on Eglington, west of Bathurst. I am still in the restaurant. Fed, yes. Nourished, yes. Inspired, no. I ask the question again - is there nowhere in and around Toronto where one can get a vegan meal that transcends the mundane? A meal that one could bring a carnivore to and say - see? Meat is pointless. THIS is how you could be eating. Sadly the answer seems to be no. Travel to NYC. Go to Soho. Ask THE HAPPY COW for vegan options around you and the map is literally COVERED in pins. One can find culinary vegan delights in that city that make you weep. Why not here? Here is my rating system. A five star system. Taste (how does it taste, flavours, texture, quality of the ingredients?) - 2 Innovation (how innovative are the dishes?) - 1 Unique (how unique is the food or have we seen it many times before?) - 2 Plate (how beautiful, interesting and creative are the dishes presented on the plate?) - 2 Service (how great is the service?) - 4 Value for money (how good is the overall impression compared to the price?) - 3 Environment (how exclusive, cool, extravagant, clean, great etcetera is the restaurant as a whole?) - 1 Now I know there have been some glowing reviews of this establishment, but clearly those that have reviewed either know the owners, or have never had meal in there life that afforded them a transcendental experience. Being a vegan does NOT mean having to forgo any of my above criteria. Remember, to change a carnivores perspective does not simply mean showing them images of animals being tortured and used as a "food" source. If anybody reads this review and even remotely gets it AND can steer me in the direction of what I seek here in Toronto, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Thanks.


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