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by A.Z.P.

Review: My momma always taught me... "if you dont have anything nice to say... than dont say anything at all"... that being said, this review will definitely disappoint her. I have almost nothing positive to report here but I'll start with the few points that could be construed as positive: 1. Great Location- 2 blocks from Penn Station in an area which doesnt have alot to offer vegans 2. Quick- On the go, they are pretty on top of things 3. Painless- I did not get sick from any of the food and the restaurant appeared to be clean. As for the food, you would be hard pressed to find less inspired food than the fare made here. The first time I came I started with the Happy Dumplings, and had 3 problems: 1. Taste- They were watery and half empty 2. Aesthetics- How can you pretend to be a restaurant and charge restaurant prices and serve food on real plates and then put the dipping sauce in throw away plastic container 3. Cost- the price of 5 bucks for 6 dumplings aint too good when you consider that at lunch time in other restaurants across the city, for 5 bucks i could practically have a meal. The next thing I ordered (and regretted) was the Thai Curry because: 1. Flavor- Isearched and Isearched but i couldnt find any. 2. Content- 8 small pieces of tofu? Really? Really?!?!? In almost any oriental restaurant in the city it would be filled with tofu, here i needed a microscope to find it. As for rice fortunately there was plenty, the Thai curry merely turned out to be a thin glaze of wrapping over a meal which was 2/3 rice 3. Cooking Method- You got to steam the vegetables!!! Boiling mushy vegetables and throwing them into the stirfry at the last second simply will not do in a city filled with so many great places... the same goes for the rice. Since then, when returning i Have stuck to the sandwiches, which while pretty average and hardly overflowing with flavor or content, get the job done on the run. While Sandwiches such as the Cowboy Hero will come in at over 7 bucks, and are hardly bargains, they are quick, filling and dont take them too long to make. Overall in a city filled with brilliant ethnic cuisine, this generic fast food rip off, is a place ill avoid in the future unless i need a sanwich on the go. As the restaurant is extremely small and cramped i would say that the only part which rings true of this places name is the "hut".


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