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by veganme

Review: 18 months ago i was a heathen - 5 pints of guinness and a bargain bucket of awfulfc or a grease ball doner kebab. My gall bladder was whipped out at age 40, far too young I was told and my cholesteral sky high. I ate every day a chinese meat buffet and really stuffed my face... The buffet closed down.. Poor me, back to curry and kebabs for lunch. One day soon after this closure of my bufet lunch i went for a walk from the office - passed this board saying - " eat what you like, pay what you like"... WAHAY me thinks - i'll bring the two girls from the office to lunch .. So on the next Friday off we troope. Hmmm i didn't notice VEGAN - I laughed and said " you girls will enjoy it but it's rabbit food, what will i eat". Anyway - we at down, i grabbed a palte and sunk a spoonfull of this rabbit food in to my mouth... " BL..DY HELL i eclared, thi is sooooo yummy...".. Having woofe the buffet down i declared i could eat here every day and i probbaly wouldn't care about not eating meat again... 18 months on - I havene't had anything but vegan -at home, abroad at friends.... So sorry for that introduction but there will be very little I can write bd about the pplace. The burgers are basically THE BEST I HAVE EVER EATEN... The buffet is very yummy. I have noted a previous review saying it was over salty - Sometimes, but not all the time it is - even my colleagues have said that - I think but may be wrong it is the liquid chinese seasoning that is so salty..Would be good to get that clarified. The taff are all volanteers and the place is run on a shoestring a quite a few people take avantage of the generous offer of "pay what you like" - the wraps are also one of my favourite's. I can see why people would say the place is a little different -it is essentially a cafe -it is very small but i like the atmosphere there - the volanteers and cooks are very friendly as are the regulars - who also will try and help on dishes etc if people are prepared to listen. The TV channel being on is part of the rules for having a LOVING HUT - very rarely is it oo loud, but on the odd occassion the volume may be too high, this has been known - just ask to turn it down slightly - they will not bite you - they are VEGANS.... Finally some of the products they use can be purchase for home cooking -so if you love the burgers or the dumplings, or the mock fish etc - buy some to freeze..My health has changed dramatically due to this place - so if it is brainwashing - great.


Posted by ziggy_patchy on Friday, March 23, 2012
Hey that's a great review, and what a story!
How is your health now ? Have you noticed an improvement since becoming a vegan?
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