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Review: Last year my husband and I (young, broke and on government assistance) were given the chance of a lifetime to go to Hawaii to stay with his sister! We were given 2 roundtrip "buddy passes" from a friend who works for Delta as a wedding present. It took us 4 days to get to Hawaii (we were on standby the whole time) and we were using our wedding money for food, hotel stay etc. along the way. I realized when we were in Paia that we could actually use our foodstamps from NY because we were so low on cash..remember, this trip was GIVEN to us. We went into Mana foods and purchased a few sandwiches etc. and when I went to use my card, the cashier began rolling her eyes and getting really pissed off at us...COMPLETELY JUDGING US! So what if we have food stamps? Its NY food stamps..not Hawaii...we werent taking the Hawaiian residents food stamp money! And yes, I understand she probably thought we were rich vacationers...not staying with family for free...but, where's the love? Its great that Mana foods is all for animal rights but what about the Ethical Treatment of People?? And you know what? One day after we shopped at Mana foods they placed a sign out front BANNING food stamps until further notice. What the hell? We felt like intruders and extremely uncomfortable. I will never step food in that store again...and I will definitely tell my vacationing family not to as well when they visit my sister in law on Maui. Ashley Neff


Posted by aloha.aina on Friday, February 22, 2013
I'm sorry you had this experience, but I'd venture to guess it was just one of those things that had nothing to do with Mana Foods. I've lived here for years and have been in here hundreds (likely thousands) of times. I'm behind folks with food stamp cards all the time, and many of my friends are on PA. I've never seen a cashier blink twice about taking the card for payment - if they did there would be a whole lot of blinking. Give them another chance.
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