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by AndyT

Review: Sky garden is the “sister restaurant” of the popular Tian Yian Café in Ampang, and it is located in an industrial/business area in Petaling Jaya. The decorations (baroque style with lots of gilded ornaments and chandeliers) will appeal to many people who like a representative setting, and be perfect for festive functions. Like Tian Yian, it is as a very successful restaurant, and it seems that most people are here for the delicious taste of the food. They offer very tasty Chinese dishes, and they clearly put good taste over health or other considerations. I do not know if they use MSG, but they certainly use enough oil, sugar and salt to make the dishes good alternatives for people who want to have a delicious meal and for whatever reason want to eat vegetarian. So if you ever want to go out with omni friends or colleagues, this is a place where you can bring them without fearing that they will complain about the food. I do not suggest the tempura, it was very oily and heavy. On top of some of the Chinese dishes offered by Tian Yian (they do not have the same menu, but some dishes are identical), they also offer European (mainly Italian) dishes which are unfortunately very heavy on the cheese. It seems that many similar restaurants use incredible amounts of cheese in their western style dishes – especially the pizzas are cheese-laden monstrosities and some of the other dishes, that do not really require cheese, are garnished with liberal amounts of it. Challenges for vegans? Vegans might face the challenge that the menu is not very easy to read (basically pictures of the dishes with prices), and that no ingredients are described there. You will have to rely on the product knowledge and the language skills of your waiter, which can be very good or not so much so. In our case, the waitress was both knowledgeable and we could ask her both in English and Mandarin for the vegan options, so we were fine. Nevertheless, I would suggest to management to provide a menu for vegans (e.g. a simple word document that can be printed out with a list of the dishes that are vegan or can be veganized) On top of that, it seems strange that both Tian Yian café and Sky Garden offer a range of delicious cakes, some of them specifically dairy- and egg-free, and a range of coffee specialties, but both state that they do not have any kind of soymilk to prepare a vegan cappuccino or latte macchiato … with the espresso as only vegan options.


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