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by Lomedin

Review: In our trip from Holland to the south of Spain, we decided to take a detour of about 3 hours just to check out this place. After 2 days traveling surviving basically out of cold meals and without having the chance to visit any vegan restaurants, we were quite excited about Landare. You can imagine our disappointment when we were told that the dog who shares our lives (also vegan, by the way) couldn't come in. Just a bit of background: we take care of a borador (border collie/labrador) of 12 years of age who never bark, is completely house trained, doesn't beg, lies invisible under tables and, well, behaves better than most humans to be honest. Anyway, no point trying to explain anything to the people in Landare: apparently, they had trouble with some dogs or something like that and they wouldn't allow animals. Don't get me wrong, they were not being rude. Although they refused to individualized, as so often happens, and simply decided to generalize and said no. Since my partner was famine (gluten intolerance is not a nice addition to being a vegan when trying to feed yourself), I decided to stay out in the rain (no kidding) with our canine friend while she ate something. However, the staff didn't speak any English and I, for obvious reasons, was not able to translate for her/them. Odd, since they did say that they had a menu in English. So, unfortunately, we had to leave without much to base our culinary review on. I admit that I perhaps should have called to make sure that our doggie companion could come in, but look at it this way: They own a restaurant promoting racial equality. You come along with your Asian and Congolese friends. They excuse themselves right after telling you that your friends are not allowed because they are not of the liking of some customers. ???? Comparisons are not my cup of tea. However, I found it necessary in this case. Landare states: "(...) perfect setting to enjoy nature-friendly, (...) that cause no harm to animals". Hm, friendly, really? Does a lack of animosity make you friendly? What is the real meaning of being vegan? I applaud Landare for making more non-vegans have a cruelty free meal. I really do. However, we vegans (both humans and non-humans) would also like to be treated equally ;D I wished I could have tasted your meals. Unfortunately, my review has to be based in other points like common sense =) Best of lucks though!


Posted by aliaarmistead on Thursday, June 27, 2013
This is absurd and has nothing to do with the restaurant - you cannot expect everybody to share your feelings about dogs and general customer expectations have to be respected also
Posted by newlia on Thursday, August 22, 2013
Absolutely agree with the previous response. It has nothing to do with the food and the comparison of a dog with a person of a different race is completely absurd. No common sense here.
Posted by Lomedin on Friday, November 6, 2015
You two completely missed the point. Moreover, it seems like you just created the accounts to leave those responses, suspicious.
Firstly, you should read the review properly, because it is CLEARLY about the restaurant. Feelings about dogs? I see, you, like them, love to generalize. I'd pity you, if I cared. "general customer expectations have to be respected also" - That "also" can be ignored, since that is the only thing they cared about. And not even that, because (if you would have read the review properly), they failed to fulfill any expectations we -as customers- had. At re-reading my review, perhaps I was too generous with them, after all. Even more considering these stupid responses.
Moreover, it has nothing to do with the food because the people "attending" us wouldn't serve us food, even when we were so willing to try it, plus starving. If you find the comparison absurd, you are obviously either a speciesist or a moron. Try reading and expanding your mind. My sense might not be common, but it certainly is normal and logical. Unlike silly and simplistic responses.
Interestingly, I read in another review that they also don't like children. Heh. It not like I like children much myself, although it seems the people in this restaurant have their share of issues regarding customers who, quoting the simpleton from the first response, don't "share" their "feelings" about whatever the heck they have in mind.
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