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by happyheifer

Review: ...and trust it will get out of your system *real quick* literally and figuratively. I first visited this place at the urging of a fellow vegan. The brunch I ordered was great-tasty scrambled tofu, scrumptious veggie sausage and grainy tomatoes on the side...ok the grainy tomatoes were disappointing. And unfortunately they were always grainy and yucky every time I went back. I purchase only organic produce but the 'maters getting used at Soul Veg obviously *aren't*. Also they seem to slice them all up a day or 2 ahead of time because they're always grainy and gross! I was also bordering on being dehydrated because the delicious buckwheat pancakes are really filling and require at least a gallon of soymilk to wash them down. No one brings their own soymilk to a restaurant of course so you just drink water and *good luck* when you finish your small glass. My friend and I just kept getting up to refill our waters on our own since the waitress was busy playing chess in the back booth. This happened every time I went back without fail (with or without the chess). After my initial combination hit & miss I went back several times always hoping things would improve. The food has the potential to be so incredibly delicious but there is *always* an issue with getting it from the kitchen to the table in a reasonable amount of time. Again, not sure who trained the kids that run this place but they always seem completely oblivious to the fact that a ding on the bell from the kitchen means "come and get this perfectly piping hot food and deliver it to the table asap" so we would hear the bell then count to 100, 200 or 300 waiting for the meal to arrive. Great food that's lukewarm isn't great. Once when I was sitting in the back on a busy night I just reached up and grabbed our food myself. The waitress looked annoyed but couldn't have been more annoyed then me sitting there looking at my own order getting cold mere inches from my hungry face. I mean really I encountered so many ridiculous situations with the waitstaff it eventually left a bad taste in my mouth which negated any desire for their food I previously had. As expensive as the food is I really don't care to eat it room temperature, with a parched throat, "served" (term used loosely) by attitudinal religious people, who use low-quality conventional produce, and oh by the way DON'T EVEN RECYCLE. Because I'm so sure God wanted us all to be vegan and throw plastic, styrofoam, glass and cardboard in the trash.


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