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Review: This is the first vegan restaurant I'm reviewing, so I have little to compare it to. However, I was impressed with the completely vegan, very creative menu. Be prepared for ordinary dish names that contain animals: "duck," "chicken," "beef," etc. Apparently it is all soy- or wheat-based vegan faux meat, made to look like real meat. This may turn off some, while others may tolerate due to the scarcity of vegan restaurants; I am one of the latter. The staff was very friendly, prompt, and attentive. The atmosphere is highly lacking, but a small price to pay for tasty, healthy vegan food. The strip mall location doesn't help with visibility; it blends in with surroundings. But it's fantastic that this place claims to serve 100% vegan. Its menu claims that it is designed for newcomers to the vegan experience, hence the use of animal names in the menu, to produce familiarity and a soft introduction for meat-eaters. The only thing I did not like were the #6 polystyrene take-out containers. From now on, my husband & I will bring our own washable, reusable take-out containers to all dining-out experiences we can anticipate, to cut down on the use of these plastics that are usually not recycled by local facilities. Next time we go to Harmony, I will ask them to consider using more recyclable or compostable take-out containers. The servings at Harmony are large, & you'll probably have leftovers, so please bring your own take-out boxes with you. You might also want to consider bringing your own reusable chopsticks. Other than this, I was really impressed with Harmony and will frequent it again, eager to try all the different imitation meat tofu on the menu, from "shrimp" to "duck" to "pork," and try not to think about the real ones others are eating. The things we do for familiarity! I encourage new vegans and veggies to try this place if you haven't, and post your own review. is a great resource -- let's share it and make it even better. By the way, I had the "Buddha's Delight" in a hotpot, recommended to me by the waiter. My husband had the "Duck with baby ginger," which was also good. Hope to read other reviews now and see more in the future.


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