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by Riku4245

Review: My family and I went here to eat a couple months back, and the atmosphere was real nice, the waiter was okay at first... (Though quite ditsy; setting our silverware down on the table without anything underneath.), and the food was good too, but the prices were unimaginable for what you get. If you're looking for gourmet vegan food, this place is for you. For four dinners and drinks it cost us over 120$. And it wasn't even worth it, in my opinion. The portions were not that big for how much they cost, (like 20$ a piece, 3$ for a drink, and nearly 10$ for tiny appetizers), so it was difficult to share with everyone. The dishes were unique to what I'm used to, but it seems like they're more about appearance than anything with the way the dishes are set up and the atmosphere. The stuffed acorn squash was a bit bland, no one really cared for it because the squash tasted unseasoned. Everything else was great tasting, but even I knew I've made tastier things than what was here and that it wasn't worth the price AT ALL. I was able to get no cheese on 1/4 the little thing they call a pizza appetizer. We were running very low on money that evening, and none of us were expecting it to be so expensive so we were only able to pay for the food without leaving any kind of tip at all. It was unfortunate and I felt bad about it until a little later after we were done with the meal she noted we had not put a tip in there... then a while later they nearly blatantly ASKED for a tip from us when I was taking some pictures of the sunflower mural. Right before I left,(being the only one left in there as the rest of my family went back out into the car), she asked again. And I was already pretty ticked that they asked at first. I told her I'd see from my mom, but we didn't have anything, so I had to explain to her in clear terms "I'm sorry Ma'm, we are really low on money and we don't have enough even for a tip." and left.


Posted by hippublican on Friday, February 22, 2013
Dude, you can estimate in your head how much the bill is going to be before you actually order food. If you realized it was going to be too expensive and you wouldn't have money for a tip, you shouldn't have ate there! Not leaving a tip (on a $120 bill!!!) is about a hundred times more rude than having your bad etiquette pointed out to you by a waiter.
Posted by Riku4245 on Friday, February 22, 2013
The point wasn't that it was bad etiquette on our part, but that they shouldn't have said anything in the first place. Sometimes it happens, some people don't have all the money in the world, and I wasn't the one paying.
It should NOT have cost that much in my opinion, and it wasn't a filling meal without costing that much.
But if they needed a tip so bad, they should add a gratuity charge to the bill *instead* of asking for one. It's not like you go "GASP So rude! They didn't leave a tip!" Not to the person's face at least...

In my opinion, that's worse than not leaving a tip in the first place, and I wouldn't want to even give them a tip after being asked for one.

I've not left tips at some restaurants before, not enough money on me, etc. but no one asks out right, nor should they. If I didn't tip the first time for that reason, I'd probably tip more the second time when I had the money.

Sure I felt bad about it, at first before they asked, but there was nothing I could do about it after everyone already ordered their food.
Posted by VeggieTails on Friday, February 22, 2013
Thank you, hippublican!!! As a former server, I can tell you that YOUR server was well within his or her rights to confront you about a tip. As a server, you work on tips; so if you didn't tip, he or she worked for free!!!

Cafe Sunflower has always had a friendly waitstaff and wonderful food. Again, if you can't do simple math in your head, buy a calculator or discontinue to eat out until you can learn how to be a positively contributing member of the human race.
Posted by hippublican on Friday, February 22, 2013
So you regularly eat out without tipping? You SHOULD be called out on your rudeness. That's just unbelievable. The only reason EVER to not tip is for bad service- VERY bad service.
And FYI - Most restaurants don't add mandatory gratuity onto the bill except for large parties. I'm sure your waiter assumed that you would have been a decent enough person to leave a tip without having it added to your bill.

If you can't afford to eat out, then eat at home.
Posted by navski on Friday, February 22, 2013
I can't help but weigh in, even though everybody already said it. You seem to have a major misunderstanding about etiquette and the way a restaurant works. A waiter is a person, not a slave. There is nothing wrong about asking you for the tip since that is a server's salary, just like you would ask for your paycheck at work if they mysteriously didn't give it to you. Yes, if the service is horrible you can leave a small tip, but to not leave tips on a regular basis because you are low on money is utter rudeness and there's nothing wrong with another human being pointing it out, even twice. It doesn't matter if you aren't the one paying either - when I am treated to dinner by a cheapskate who doesn't leave enough, I add something myself to the tip so the waiter can get paid. Sorry, but tips in restaurants are obligatory in this country, not optional.
Posted by JJohnson on Friday, March 20, 2015
Yikes. I hope the original poster has read these comments and made some serious changes to his or her restaurant behavior. Knowing that money was tight, to then willy-nilly order a full dinner with appetizers and drinks, blatantly ignoring the total cost, is selfish and beyond rude. Their carelessness caused the server (whose money is probably tight as well!) to go without pay for her work. At the very least, the diners should've addressed the issue proactively and apologized directly to the server, rather than making her beg for some kind of compensation.
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