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Review: WORST RESTAURANT SERVICE EVER!!! my friend and i go to this restaurant called Broadway Cafe.. its a vegetarian jewish restaurant that mostly serves pizza, weird right?.. no menu in sight so we had to request them.. there's a freakin dirty sink just randomly sitting out in the eating area.. the place is a crap hole.. sit down at a table that is placed in the middle of the walk way.. the table felt like a parked car on a busy intersection with herds of people parting to circumvent our table.. this 15 year old waitress comes up and she's like "you guys gonna leave?".. we're like uh give us one more minute to look at the menu.. ten minutes later she didnt return.. so we walk up and place our order at about 6:10pm.. at 6:20pm we get our drinks.. at 6:41pm we still had not been served our appetizer so i walk up.. i'm like it's been half an hour and we still don't have our appetizer which is just freakin hummus and pita.. the two waitresses and all the people standing around getting their pizzas laugh in my face literally laughing aloud.. she's like "your food is ready.".. i sit down.. ten more minutes pass.. ten more minutes pass.. at 7:00 i walk up and say "it's been an hour i'd like to pay for my sodas and just leave.. she's like "that'll be 4.50".. for lame drinks.. i pay a five and she waits a good 3 or 4 minutes and then pays me change out of her own freakin PURSE.. the whole time we waited, other people were getting served and served and served.. people came in, ordered food, and left while we waited the whole time.. i ask "i'm curious may i ask if our food is even close to being ready?".. her response: The waiter hasn't started on your order yet. this restaurant completely ignored our existence, and i couldn't figure out what we did wrong!?!?!?!


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