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by felmotes

Review: I've only been to Bloodroot twice. Both times the service was slow. They write your bill out by hand and use an archaic credit card machine, so I'd recommend bringing cash to avoid the headache of such a slow process. Prices are expensive and portions are very small. I paid $15.00 for spinach gnocchi, and the plate contained 5 little gnocchis in a flower-petal design. I thought they were joking around with that ridiculous portion, and although gnocchi is dense, the dish certainly didn't fill me up (and I'm easily satisfied). One expects that from a 5-star gourmet restaurant in Manhattan, not a little funky place in Bridgeport where you bus your own table.. which brings me to the service: there is none. You fetch your own silverware and napkins and bus your own table like many self-service restaurants/cafes, but this one takes it one step further: they don't even bring you your food. Food slowly appears on the front counter and you must go up and fetch it yourself. Since none of our dishes appeared in sync, the majority of our dinner was spent fetching plates. We also ordered tea, and we had to obtain our own tea cups from a china cabinet, gather our own sugar, lemon, and everything else--Why they couldn't include these on the tray with the tea pot is beyond me. I understand they're going for a funky "you're dining over someone's house" kind of feel, but honestly, I can wait on myself at home for free, and even over someone's house, the food is usually brought to the table.. which brings me to the food: it was good, but not excellent. Even though the plates appeared on the counter as they were done rather than in sync, the food still managed to be lukewarm. Overall, the dishes were pretty bland, and we all found ourselves reaching for the salt.. and we are people who never add salt at restaurants. Also, I'm vegan, and they only had a few vegan options, so why bother? Atmosphere is nice though, and the house is right on the harbor. Overall, it's a fun place to visit just for the weirdness of the experience, but if they want to be a viable restaurant with repeat customers who value food/service/price over novelty, they need to make some changes.


Posted by vegiebeth on Friday, February 22, 2013
Wow felmotes, you need to chill out a bit! The women who own and run Bloodroot are Luddites. They prefer to use simple things rather than modern technologies. Go in with a different more relaxed attitude and maybe you will enjoy it more. No rushing, no worries. The food they serve is made from fresh, in season ingredients and you will be well nourished after a meal there. True, you have to pick up your meal at the counter and return your dishes when you're done, but you didn't have to cook it or wash the dishes. They have no worries about being a viable restaurant with repeat customers. They are celebrating their 35th anniversary this month and I am one of many who have been dining there almost since the beginning.
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