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by TheVeganOfAus

Review: Very unhappy about this. Although they call themelves vegetarian they do sell themselves as vegan - apart from the deserts. The first page of their menu says as much and I have always trusted this. Went there last weekend with the family and ordered a bunch of things including a coleslaw salad. This coleslaw salad was topped with a couple of mock products, one of which was described as ham but closely resembled chicken/turkey. (At least I think it did - it's been years so I may be wrong!) I thought this ham would be handy to entertain non-vegans when they come past so I asked the staff if I could purchase some to take away and they happily obliged. On coming home I checked the ingredients. It then hit me in the face: "whey protein." The label even warned "contains dairy." Apart from eating this rubbish in the restaurant I paid to now have a bunch of it at home. Vina's staff always seem nice. And this weekend I noticed one of the staff wearing a "Supreme Master" shirt - they are/should be vegan and that gave me extra comfort. Honest mistake or otherwise, this episode has shaken my trust in all these (predominantly Asian) places that seem to think that dairy is somehow acceptable, even if only for deserts. From now on if it's not **exclusively** vegan I'm either asking a million and one questions or otherwise outta there. I thought about not posting this before speaking to the staff but I hope all vegans who read this make their intents and desires known to them too. In this review the overall rating reflects my disappointment with the fraudulent vegan identity. If you are after a vegetarian restaurant heavy on mock meats you will like this place.


Posted by Lanky on Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Thats an extremely harsh review. You say nothing positive about the place; no pros; only cons. You have also slandered them as fraudulent. This implies that they are deliberately misleading you, which would almost certainly not be the case.
In what way to they "sell themselves as vegan"? On this site they are clearly listed as lacto-vegetarian. You made an incorrect assumption about something, and now are coming to falsely and unfairly slander a great business that is doing their best according to their worldview.
Its vegans like you that give us all a bad name. I hope I never end up in a restaurant with you, as clearly you would be a very annoying person to spend any time with at all, especially in a restaurant.
Posted by TheVeganOfAus on Wednesday, December 28, 2011
I hate to argue but please consider:

1. If you visit them and look at their menu it quite clearly states that all their food, except some deserts, are vegan. Read some of the other reviews which indicate the same.

2. The fact that they are listed on this site as lacto-veg makes complete sense since they are not exclusively vegan because of said deserts. This does not nullify what is stated on their menu regarding the vegan-ess of the meals. If I go to an omni restaurant with advertised vegan meals then I expect the vegan meals to be vegan.

3. I *have* actually said a number of positive things about this place: first that their staff always seem nice and second that as a vegetarian restaurant heavy on mock meats it is quite good. I expected that the last two sentences in my review indicated the overall nature of it.

I would think that any bona fide vegan would agree that selling something that is not vegan, as vegan, is fraudaulent in *any* worldview. How that gives vegan's a bad name is a little beyond me!?

I would love it if Vina changes and makes this change public knowledge - I would be back.

Also, I would actually love to end up in a restaurant with you! Methinks it could be quite an interesting conversation.
Posted by VeJo on Wednesday, January 18, 2012
I agree with the reviewer that there needs to be clearer signposting if items on the menu are not vegan. I'm a longtime diner at this restaurant, and my assumption has always been that the non-dessert food is all vegan. I think this is a reasonable assumption, given the text in the menu, and this is extremely disappointing to hear this.
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