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by Salazar

Review: My vegan partner and I went there tonight, SO excited that a new vegan restaurant had opened in San Diego. Soon after we ordered we realized they were showing videos of horrific animal abuse on two huge wall mounted TVs. I'm talking cutting up live cattle, and other stuff I won't mention. It was surreal!! We jumped up and told the staff we couldn't bear to watch the images. They were apologetic, and one worker said "We don't usually have this video on at this time" whatever that means! Anyway, we took our food to go. I'm sorry to say it wasn't very good. Perhaps after the restaurant has been opened longer the food quality will improve. The workers were nice and insisted on giving us free dessert to make up for our horror, so I won't comment on the dessert's quality. On the other hand, the restaurant staff seemed really friendly and seemed genuinely apologetic for the offense we took at having gruesome animal abuse videos playing as we dined, though also a little surprised that we were offended. The restrooms and dining area looked very clean. It was beyond bizarre--how could the operators of a vegan restaurant possibly think that its patrons want to watch graphic scenes of animal abuse while they eat?


Posted by butterfli on Saturday, January 30, 2010
I think the cruelty videos come on Tuesday night. The staff now switch off the TV at that time after an incidence where the customers left. I guess that was you! :) thanks for reminding them!
Posted by astronaut on Friday, February 22, 2013
Well, I can shed some light on the creepiness of the whole video thing. The chain of Loving Hut restaurants and many others that have different names (Vegetarian House) and owned by different people are run by a CULT! Hence the obvious propaganda displayed throughout their restaurants through posters, videos, and pamphlets. Google "Supreme Master Ching Hai" for info.
Posted by vtnh1984 on Friday, February 22, 2013
I think they have a live SMTV channel which airs 24/7, and "unfortunately" you were at the moment they showed that animal cruelty video, which is hard to see. It is really breaking my heart when I see such video also. Supreme Master Ching Hai is controversial, but based on my knowledge through friends and relatives, she is a very respectable person. When you come back to Loving Hut, I guess you'll see some different video. Last time I went there, I saw some video that people were singing, quite entertaining.

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