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by EasterCat

Review: I visited Watercourse on Labor Day weekend and had two meals there, one at the restaurant and the other was take out. Since I was by myself, I was given the option to sit at the bar or a table. I chose the bar. The service isn't attentive. It's pretty lackadaisical. Once I understood that, the service didn't bug me so much. Too bad it's not set up so certain things are self serve, like drinks and such. I ordered the buffalo wings, onion rings and the chocolate shake. I'd read the portions were huge, but I still didn't expect it. With the rings, I think they took half an onion, breaded it and fried it. Unfortunately, they were also pretty greasy. With the ketchup, it wasn't such a big deal. But when I ran out of the small portion of ketchup, I had to use the included ranch (which was vegan, cool). At first, I was excited because I had memories when I was like Homer Simpson and ate ranch on almost every savory food I consumed. Eventually, I realized that ranch and greasy foods may not have been an awesome combination like I remembered 10-15 years ago. So I ended up taking the onion out of the coating and eating them with the ranch. That worked better, but it probably looked really stupid. When they serve you the shake, you receive a glass with a straw and spoon. Then you're given the metal shaker full of shake. It turns out this shaker holds 2-3 glasses worth of shake. If you're with a friend, see if you can get another glass and share. It's yummy and not too far off my memories of having a shake. Probably an omni might beg to differ, but if you're lactose intolerant like me, this is much better. The portion of buffalo wings was also huge. At this point, I was getting close to being full by the rings and chocolate shake that I had been consuming. I had a couple of pieces with ranch before I raised the flag and asked the waitress for a container. The sauce they use for this rectangular wonders tastes so much like I remember buffalo sauce tasting like. It was properly spicy and had that ratio of necessary greasiness. I would've been suspicious if it weren't for the non conforming shapes of the seitan itself. For the to go order, I got the chicken fried seitan with mashed potatoes. I asked if I could sub the mixed vegetables with something else, like steamed chard. They didn't have chard, but they had kale. The gravy on top of the seitan and mashed potatoes? Blech. It was sugary. Take the sensible precaution and get the gravy on the side.


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