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Respond to Review of Loving Hut - San Jose
by RyanDuba

Review: I'm just copying and pasting my review from Yelp so other can be aware of how bad this place is. Sad to say it too cause it tasted great... My first experience here was okay, I just ordered two appetizers to get a taste for what they had to offer. Thought the food tasted great and thought it might be my new place to go. Now the second time(today) was a totally different story, it first started when I noticed they didn't know what they were doing, as I saw they were switching stuff on and off a tray for someones order like they hadn't a damn clue who ordered what, didn't mind it much and my friend and I continued to place our order, the wait was somewhat long which is expected for fresh food, so no problems there. I got my sandwich and sat down with my friend, took the first bite and thought, it's incredible how much flavor they can give this vegan food and thought it tasted great. After a few bites I noticed something shiny slightly sticking out near the end of the sandwich and I went to grab it out... it was a f***ing piece of metal I almost chewed down on, looked like it came from one of those metal dish brushes( something like this) were they making my damn sandwich in the kitchen or what? I first couldn't believe my eyes nothing like this has ever happened to me. I approached the lady and gave her the sandwich and piece of metal, and she tried to offer me a new sandwich, and for some odd reason I was too anxious to stand up for myself and simply agreed to take another sandwich. I stayed close by to keep an eye on every thing, and I noticed the guy in the back making the sandwich touched his face/hair a few times in between making stuff and didn't even change his gloves. Now I have worked in a deli before and that kinda s**t would have gotten me sacked in a millisecond. I couldn't believe that, I was already thinking *how could this get any worse*. This horror will make me never come back again, and I'm so shaken up about it I am almost even considering contacting a lawyer because of how disturbing this was, I feel like I wont even be able to sleep tonight or the rest of the week. Trying to do my body good and almost ingesting something harmful... god this is ridiculous. Who knows what other germs or chemicals could have been on this food!!!!!!!!


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