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by veganmiam

Review: Le Tian is the proud product of my internet browsing. Since the restaurant doesn't appear on Happy Cow it felt like quite the accomplishment when I uncovered an article a few days back in the local paper about it. Not only do they have the largest buffet we've come across but they also have an impressive selection of vegan sweets. We, as a vegan friendly couple went to Le Tian for lunch, and it marks the start of our plastic container lunch plan. That just means that from here on out, whenever we go to Le Tian we will use our plastic containers to dish up our meals from the buffets and return back to the apartment to eat. The walk there was tolerable, the heat wasn't too bad and there was decent cloud cover. Sungei Wang Plaza has the slowest damn elevators ever.  The floors aren't that tall so it travels a short distance, it stops on every last floor, it won't go up until it finishes going down, there are only two in the area of the restaurant (and the escalators are long and complicated since they don't all reach the 4th floor) and they just seem to take forever.  We finally made it up to the 4th floor though and got our lunchbox out to serve up some rice. Fortunately, arriving a bit early at 11:15am, the restaurant was open. I popped the container open and the old man shoveled some rice into it with a small plate. He hesitated and asked me if I wanted more, it was plenty though. Most of the dishes were familiar but there were also a few new soya dishes, so I mixed them together and proceeded to the baked/sweets rack. The selection wasn't as good this time but they had a few new things. I popped two round sugar donuts, a long chinese donut that looks a bit like a churro but without any sugar on it and a turnip/radish/carrot cake (depending on where you are from) on some small bags to accompany the meal and I was set. The total: RM12 (8 for the rice and 4 for the sweets) The sweets rack was nearly empty and didn't include anything appealing to us so we passed on those.  Instead we ordered a big baozi (not sure what was in it when we ordered it, it had a bbq soya filling), a lotus leaf wrapped rice, a rice noodle roll filled with vegetables and a good serving of dishes on top of the rice.  Total: RM14 (about $4). We ate the bao on the way out of the mall - the dough was warm and soft while the filling was sweet, savory and just a little juicy.  The texture was right, just out of the steam case so it was hot and moist without being scolding hot or soggy.  I


Posted by veganmiam on Tuesday, April 21, 2009
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