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Review: I've been going to Native Foods off and on since 2001. There were periods when I stopped going due to major dust in the ceiling fans and an incident with the BLT. It was changed without warning to something that was unpalatable. Apparently the fake meat was not completely Vegan. I gave Native Foods another shot about 2 years later and found that I really enjoyed some of the sandwiches and pizza. Recently though the sandwiches and pizzas have shrunk in size! I completely understand that with the dollar devaluation and manufactured food shortages that food has gone up in price. I don't think anyone at this point is so naive that they don't realize the inflation we are experiencing especially with food and gas. I would much rather have a regular sized sandwich or pizza and pay the extra buck or two than to be deceived and given smaller portions. What in the world is that about?


Posted by gr8vegan on Friday, February 22, 2013
The portion sizes are SO large we ALWAYS split what we get, if we're still hungry we enjoy one of their tasty desserts. I encourage anyone who hasn't been to completely ignore this review. Native Foods is a fantastic Vegan experience. Their bowls / pizzas / sandwiches are all very good, too good... This is one of the top Vegan stops in LA
Posted by vegantruther on Friday, February 22, 2013
Wow "I encourage anyone who hasn't been to completely ignore this review." What are you the happycow posting police? I actually agree with "critic" that the place has gone down. Too often on vegan forums and sites everyone is so quick to say how great a place is when it's just not so. When you speak your opinion you help a restaurant see its flaws. Saying that they're great when they have issues just encourages them to stay bad and/or not rectify the issues. I'm glad that someone actually has the cojones to say what they believe. By the way - the Xmas meal really blows, but is better than M Cafes. BTW, I really hope Native Foods does address these issues because I've spent lots of $$$$ there and would again.
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