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by eatinggreen

Review: Part way into this meal I was thinking we'd found yet another winner in Bangkok. The menu here, as others have mentioned, is extensive (although much of it is Chinese) and everything tastes ok - nothing out of the box, but certainly enjoyable. We were already aware that mock meat is used extensively here so tried to avoid ordering anything that overtly included it, but alas it popped up in most dishes anyway (sorry but in my mind unless mock meat is made fresh on premises it is at the same level as commercial dog food - much of it is imported from taiwan etc and there have been numerous cases of it being found to contain not only real meat but all sorts of non-food ingredients). We also specified at the time of ordering that we didn't want them to use any MSG in our food and judging from the response we got the feeling they probably don't use much of it anyway - we couldn't detect the taste in any of what we got, so that was good The service was prompt and polite and ambience like a typical Chinese joint only a bit cleaner. Certainly no worries there. The problem for us was that (a) there weren't enough veges (even our 'mix vege tom yum' had very few in there) so despite ordering WAY too much food for 2 people we still felt like we were lacking in nutrients, and (b) whatever oil they are using, it can't be good. Part way through the meal I had to stop and collect myself - my head was spinning and I felt like I was on my way into a bad experience, feeling light and floaty. When I mentioned it to my partner he said he was feeling a bit off too. We managed to get down most of what we ordered, but feeling a bit nauseous, we came to the conclusion that it must be the oil they use. Both of us are quite sensitive to excess and bad quality oil since we don't usually consume it, so when it pops up, we'll be the first to detect it. After arriving back at the hotel I was in writhing agony for an hour or so - I'm currently nursing a leg injury and the meal had caused it to flare up majorly for the first time in months. So although I actually did enjoy the tastes and variety on offer, I'm not sure I'd be game to try it again. If I were to go, I'd stick to the hotpot, or 'suki' on the first page of the menu. That way the oil content is quite low, you can choose all the veges you like (although even then the vege selection is only average) and you can exclude the mock meat. The sauce for the suki was really nice and I'm willing to believe it wasn't too oily.


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