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by cincyvegan

Review: I'll be as brief as possible... Good: -lots of options -eclectic menu -didn't try the deserts, but the raw vegan cheesecake LOOKED good Bad: -parking -area of town -decor -they put (vegan) cheese of some kind on EVERYTHING!! If you don't want cheese make sure you ask for no mayo, cole slaw, cream cheese AND vegan cheese or they'll put some combination of each on every sandwhich. -poor customer service (accused me of not ordering properly when my super cheesy "grilled veggie" sandwhich had cheese on it and, when asked if I wanted "cream cheese" I said no.) -weird pro vegan propaganda EVERYWHERE!! quotes on the walls, framed pictures of "famous vegans", tv channels tuned to foreign talk shows talking about veganism...very eerie. NOTE TO OWNERS: I'm vegan, which is why I tried your restaurant...I KNOW ABOUT VEGANISM! Needs to be toned down. -Lots of fried food. Not very many "Fresh" options. -Wished there was more Salads on the menu -Lots of store-bought food. EX: Chips from Costco, Cheese is all daiya, etc...If you like shopping at Whole Foods and getting your own alternatives and preparing a meal yourself...then you are probably safer doing that. By the end of the meal, my friend and I were so uncomfortable, we decided never to go back. With a restaurant like MELT in Northside in existence, there is absolutely NO need to eat at this restaurant.


Posted by Aelfgifu1 on Sunday, February 12, 2012
I agree with the Guest above. I found HappyCow today, because I am trying to switch to veganism. I just found this restaurant that is LITERALLY right around the corner from me. I could walk there. So I looked up its website and then started to read the reviews. Everyone is raving about it except this one reviewer.

I had to register, because I believe this reviewer is upset because s/he is a closet bigot. His/her cons listed the "area of town." This is code for "a lot of black people live here and it's not as trendy as Northside where the beloved Melt is located.

Don't insult my community through your ignorance. You're really missing out on a lot!
Posted by JohnnySensible on Friday, February 22, 2013
I like pro-vegan propaganda!

I like 'foreign'!

I am a confident person so I rarely feel 'uncomfortable'!

Loving Huts are not for everyone.

This is not a Review - it is an unpleasant display of bigotry & deep personal insecurity.

Posted by Luv2Veg on Friday, February 22, 2013
Wow, Johnny. I have no idea what happened? I love this restaurant. It's closer for me than the melt, which is also very good, so I and my daughters visit quite often. We love the atmosphere, the food and the service. And we can't ever leave without dessert! All the food is always very fresh & yummy. For such a small restaurant, they really do have a very wide variety of food choices. I think maybe they try a little too hard to have plenty of choices, to be sure they have something for everyone. But, we've never had any problems. I am so sorry you did not enjoy your visit. Everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe just go for some dessert or a smoothie to see if you still feel those uncomfortable vibes. Well anyway, wishing you much love, happiness & peace!
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