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by West Side Vegan

Review: Despite the horrible service, my husband and I eat here fairly often because we just LOVE certain menu items (Macho Nachos, Cheesy Kelp, and the Endive appetizer). As long as you stick to the menu, and avoid the specials (which are usually around $18.95 - $23.95 for no more food than you would get for $12 on the menu) the prices are generally higher than most, but OK. We have always been of the opinion that the quality of the food made up for the absolutely terrible service and ambiance. As for the service they get two big thumbs down and a big ol' :-PpppPppppp There is ONE helpful employee there. Her name is Chalyse and you will recognize her by her cute platinum blonde bob, facial piercing, and her SMILE (the only one in the whole place who is friendly and helpful!). If she isn't your server, I'd get up and leave and try again later. Seriously. For your health, don't let anyone else serve you. We were there on Sunday and Ariel, Ariana, and Ally were working. Ally was our server. Ally and Ariana were busy stuffing their faces on the floor, using the wine rack by the register as a table, taking huge, unladylike mouthfuls which caused them to have to use their fingers to get all of their bite into their mouth all while facing those of us dining there, and then licking their fingers. They were doing all of this in between running food to tables, and they DID NOT WASH THEIR HANDS between bites and running food! Juliano didn't care or didn't notice. He's too busy being pretentious to care about silly things like hygiene and good service. To top it off, we then saw Ally wipe her nose with her sleeve while talking to customers at another table! Not to mention she was dressed in daisy dukes, 4" wedges, a tank top and a sweater. Not appropriate server-ware at all. On another occasion, Ariel was serving us. She never once noticed when our water glasses were empty. We'd sit for what seemed like ages trying to get her attention to ask her for more water. Then she saw some friends of hers on the sidewalk through the side door and ran to the door to call after them to come see her. Then she and Juliano and their friends stood around several inches from the tables and gabbed while she continued to ignore her tables. As far as the vegan issue, they are not 100% vegan. They use honey. From what I've been able to learn, it's only in the desserts, smoothies, shakes and kale chips. Smoothies & shakes can be made with agave.


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