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by Jbella213

Review: My wife and I have been RAW for years and have eaten at every RAW place in So. Cal. We have eaten at Juliano's RAW regularly over the years and have a very clear picture of the place. While we like the food we have disappointed by the inconsistent quality - example: we LOVE the chocolate shake, but 50% of the time its watery and less sweet... We love spring rolls - but the other day I ordered them and they were small and one of them had NO filling it ! We have gotten used to the VERY high prices and realize (because we by nothing but organic food) that the cost of raw materials is high, but the portions here sometimes border on insulting (and sometimes not) - again, inconsistent. We are baffled by the way that Juliano and Ariel (his partner & wife) continuously ignore us and have never so much as said hello - this after hundreds of visits. We wonder why they linger in the store with stoic long faces looking as though they just hate life as opposed to being friendly and cheerful host like we encounter at EVERY other raw restaurant. Several times we have made eye contact and they look away without even smiling or nodding. Also, once we overheard Juliano give a terrible review of Au Lac (a superb raw place in OC) that was totally inappropriate. Au Lac is totally superb, consistently great, awesome prices and portions and has VERY warm friendly service (particularly world famous chef Ito who is very humble and personable - he often gives his regulars free samples). Lastly, once we left our credit card there and after calling them they promised to keep it safe till we could return for it. Several days later we came for it and it was gone - we discovered that someone had tried to charge 400 dollars on it !!!! Juliano made no attempt to make up for this and was rude to us on top if it all. He didn't even apologize !! rather he said he would cooperate if we wanted to get the police involved - a sincere apology and a free dessert would have done the trick. in summation: there is no doubt that arial and Juliano are expert chefs and have a good thing going... if they could get it together as host/spokespersons - be consistent with the flavor and portion - and make the prices less outrageous they would be a PERFECT restaurant.


Posted by Hugo on Friday, February 22, 2013
I concur with everything you say in your review Jbella213. I second you lauding Au Lac, and have also experienced stellar service at their restaurant. I really hope that Juliano and Ariel are reading these reviews because these reviews are coming from the very people that are spending money at their restaurant and lining their pockets. Oh, I also failed to mention in my review, certain items which were on display for sale at Juliano's; colored disco lights??? What gives?
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