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by beticita

Review: I live in Miami and occasionally I go to Broward county to find at least something that is vegan so hard to find in Miami and truthfully something that resembles my cooking skills (no false modesty) reason why my reviews the way they are. Well, Green Wave Cafe was on my list. I went last night and I was somewhat dissapointed. Does veganism has always to be paired with the word expensive?...I ordered a mung bean soup, it was good nothing extraordinary, a burrito and a side salad, with vanilla ice cream and blueberry pie. I know everything is done in the restaurant, everything is organic, and no sugar added, raw food, yari, yari, yara, but the portions were not really fulfilling , although the taste was good. I paid 51 dollars and believe me!! is not that I am going to travel almost 30 miles to go back. This is what it needs: better sitting, cleanliness, better plating, better prices and better service. The guy was super nice, but boy they took long for the burrito!!.. i know the tortilla is freeze dry but that has to be done in advance, anyway it took a long time. I am still looking for "the" vegan restaurant that I can review "Excellent" like Miss Saigon in Miami, vegan friendly and super good or the one close to Notre Dame in France....I won't give up!!.. or maybe I will open my own.


Posted by illusoryreality on Friday, February 22, 2013
I agree, way too expensive for what your given! I paid around the same you did and I was still hungry. Also the service was good but slow. There are way better places than this where I can spend 20 bucks more (for two people) and be full, such as 'Sublime' in Fort Lauderdale.
Posted by panyvinito on Friday, November 22, 2013
I would recommend to go for the burger if you want to be full, and order the almond bread, that's super filling! The burrito is actually the smallest dish to get. I only order this when I want to leave room for dessert. But I disagree with you, I think $12 for raw ORGANIC food is very reasonable.
Posted by beticita on Saturday, November 23, 2013
panyvinita I have been in many, many vegan restaurants not only USA but other parts of the world where ORGANIC is served and believe me if I had to pay 51 dollars or more for a good meal …I will pay it gladly even if is more than that, but for two glasses of water and 2 miniscule entrees and a very small dessert in a cafeteria (that is what it looks like)….no thanks. I live in Miami Dade and I have to add to that the fact that I have to travel. I encourage you to visit Miss Saigon here in Miami and you certainly know what I am talking about ( I posted a pic from that restaurant here in Happy Cow). This is a vegan friendly restaurant and it is outstanding. The décor is not pretentious and the meals are superb…you just have to mentioned to the owner’s daughter-always checking everything- that you are a vegan (if you are) and she will tell you exactly what to order. She will even veganized any dish you want, and when I go there the most I paid is 50 dollars. For Organic foods then you can also go to a Restaurant such as Sublime and pay almost the same amount and enjoy the ambience and the food…although for me is overrated….I wish I just can go back to Harvest in Vienna or have a similar restaurant here in Miami or Broward…Oh that is a good excellent vegan ORGANIC restaurant…. I will keep searching for a restaurant like that here in USA.
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