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by vegebald

Review: For many years, I've considered Vegetable Delight as my favorite Vegetarian restaurant (replacing Happy Family as my previous favorite in Monterey Park on Atlantic after I caught them lying about the ingredients in their food: Happy Family isn't vegan, they're not even vegetarian, there's animal rennet in their mockmeats and they lie about it and they know it, they admitted it by phone after I wrote them a letter!)but recently I discovered that everything that Vegetable Delight says on their website, a previous posting on Happy cow, things they've told me in person, and newspaper articles that they have posted in the restaurant, are all lies or deceptive towards Vegans...they now admit to having whey in some of their mockmeats, which means they don't make these in house as they proclaim on their website when they say "All items are natural food and freshly handmade by our chef" and "Each made entirely without meat, poultry, or fish". These statements are absolute lies! they use commonly-available commercial mockmeats that contain whey as an ingredient! How is the use of these mockmeats "handmade by our chef" when they're actually factory made somewhere else, presumably the Far East? And since when is whey meat-free? when they say: "...entirely without meat"????? Wake up, dairy-eating vegetarians: if you're eating whey, YOU'RE EATING ANIMAL RENNET, there's even more animal rennet (animal stomach used for their enzyme content)in whey than there is in cheese! Whey is the byproduct of cheese-making, and the vast majority of cheeses are made with animal stomach/rennet. And where do you think the protein comes from in Whey? it comes from the stomach, not the milk! The milk protein (casein) goes into the cheese, it doesn't stay in the whey. Anyway, I don't eat at Vegetable Delight any longer because they've lied about their ingredients, even though I sure miss their amazing dishes, but I'm not too happy that they "poisoned" me by feeding me animal favorite dish was the fish with hot brown sauce, and I also loved the sweet and sour ribs, and many other dishes. Hopefully, they'll see this review and do something about their credibility, I sure would like to return there, I think they simply don't get it, but they must mend their ways and quit poisoning vegetarians and vegans!


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