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Review: We really struggled to find anything to eat here, since we don't like to eat mock meat and were hoping to try some local dishes. We ended up ordering some juices, a salad and the sisig. The juices were ok (pretty standard), the salad was pretty ordinary (some lettuce with token slices of semi-ripe tomato, cucumber and carrot all smothered in a dressing that was too sweet) and the sisig was awful - little chunks of gluten that tasted so meaty they made us feel sick after a few mouthfuls. No veges or anything healthy in there... we couldn't help wonder what on earth they put in it to make it taste so weird. If you're a carnivore hoping to substitute your usual meat for something more compassionate then sure, this might be your thing. We're into healthy food and vegetables and we don't enjoy the taste of meat since we're vegetarians: and this place was definitely not our scene. To be fair though, they did have a vege wrap on the menu, so maybe this could have been more healthy. The photo didn't look very fresh though so didn't exactly draw us in. The ambience was ok in that it was in a leafy area and was quite laid back. Felt a bit musty/aged - not so 'fresh' and this feeling was reflected in the food.


Posted by titogray on Monday, January 23, 2012
OK - Personally, I don't understand why those who do not enjoy "mock meat" must judge others who do. . . If I don't like salads, should I take it out on every restaurant that serves salad? That just isn't fair, and it isn't an accurate picture of what Greens is about either.

I don't know what menu they gave you, but when I go there, the menu has tons of fresh and cooked veggies - - and what's this? want to hold court over their "veggie wrap" because you don't like the photograph? Come on...!

I think Greens is an excellent place to enjoy fine vegetarian food - and if you like "mock meat" (it doesn't make you any less a vegetarian) then great! You'll find lots of goodies - and great tasting desserts to choose from.

Next time - just put down your poison pen - and enjoy your meal... Aloha...
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