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by Arts Guy

Review: I eat at the Eden on average once a week. The food is delightful, delicious and, well, de-lovely. The chef/owner is always friendly, talks with the patrons whilst preparing the dishes, makes certain that you enjoyed your food and your time there, and fosters a general atmosphere of "chill." In short, the Eden is terrific. However, the last two times I've gone (a Friday and a Saturday) and ordered the potato & leek soup, I've been decidedly short-changed: it was virtually all broth, with nary a potato to be seen. Once I can understand: everyone makes mistakes, and they were busy the first time this happened to me. When it happens a second time, it suggests a systemic issue with whomever is ladeling out the soup that day. I submit this request to all of you in Cyberland - if you've had a similar issue in not receiving all of what you paid for - to please post your thoughts on this, as well as to the owner & operator of the Eden, to nip this issue in the bud before it becomes a problem. Eden is fantastic - let's keep it that way.


Posted by Christian339 on Saturday, August 22, 2009
Thank you for the positive feelings from your review! I do want to mention that the Potato & Leek soup that we have on special from time to time is meant to be a cream-style soup where the potatoes themselves are steamed & then pureed into the soup so that they are not large chunks of potato! I am sorry you felt short-changed but that soup was not supposed to have large potato chunks in it!
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