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by roxette521

Review: Our dinner for two here cost 100 euros. In Berlin two people can eat dinner out for a week with that kind of money. It was absolutely not worth the money. Firstly, the service is not courteous, the iPad menus are superfluous and hard to use, and the open kitchen is not attractive. When it comes to the food, it is very, very average, from appetizer to dessert. Nothing had much flavor, nothing was particularly creative or gourmet. To charge this kind of money for vegetables you have to do something amazing with them. It's not enough for the food to be edible. I can tell you I've had much better and more interesting vegan and raw dinners in my life. After leaving this place I felt cheated out of my money - it just did not deliver.


Posted by jcjury on Saturday, November 16, 2013
My dear Roxette,
If for you €100,00 for two are too much why are you coming in first place? La Mano Verde Menu is published on line, on a menu board before entering the restaurant and as you mentioned on i-pads. So if you don't have the budget, don't blame the restaurant, go to eat somewhere your budget permits. After reading the diverse reviews you published so far you have only very positive or very negative comments. My kitchen team and service team are doing the best they can to satisfy customers, don't tell me they are not courteous, at this point I think they probably just reflected your negativity. La Mano Verde is for the 3rd year classified in Germany Top 800 Restaurants. So please stop to write comments about gourmet food, review places your budget can afford. People love our open kitchen, everybody else love the i-pad menus, learn the way to use the i-pad and don't blame us for your lack of knowledge. If you had much better and more interesting somewhere else, great, please go back to those places you loved and leave us in peace... We are working to hard to accept this kind of unjustified comments. Wish you a wonderful life. Jean
Posted by roxette521 on Saturday, November 16, 2013
Actually, if you read my review, you would notice that I don't "blame" the restaurant for being expensive. I state that the food was not delicious and the service was not friendly. Clearly I did have the budget to pay 100 euros for a meal, which is why I visited the restaurant. But whether people are spending 10 euros or 100, they still expect value for their money. Nobody comes to spend 100 Euros on boring, tasteless food. Berlin, even West Berlin, is a city on the cheap side. So 100 Euros should buy you more than in Paris, in NYC, in London, or even in Munich. I've had gourmet vegan meals in all of those cities for less money that delivered more creativity and expertise, better execution and flavor, prettier presentation, a more varied wine selection, and a superior dining experience overall. I stand by my review, and I think your defensive reaction makes you look much worse than my original review ever could. Frankly, you sound insane and bitter, and you're clearly not interested in improving your business.
Posted by jcjury on Friday, November 22, 2013
My dear Roxette,
I stand to my comments, tasteless people are easy to spot by just reading the reviews and I read all of your comments published so far on Happy Cow. Just stop to be so negative or get a proper food education before bullying restaurants the way you do. Insane and bitter? really? what about you?
Posted by roxette521 on Friday, November 22, 2013
And I read all of your "comments" on Happy Cow. You basically tell every single person that didn't like your restaurant that he or she is cheap and stupid. I'm trying to help others find value and quality by sharing my experience, nothing more. You just spew insults at people that dare to not like your restaurant. If you can't take criticism, you shouldn't be i nthe restaurant business. "Bullying", "negative", and "get a proper food education" are all things that describe you very well. You also need some serious therapy.
Posted by jcjury on Friday, November 29, 2013
Roxette521 or what ever your real name is, if you don't like people like me going after you stop to use strong words like you are doing. If you don't like the food, write as a title: I did not like the food or similar, but don't write "Waste of Money". By doing so you insult a team doing a wonderful job, and you tell all customers having a great experience with us how stupid they are to like our food. You don't like good food, Roxette, you like bargains, as much as you can at the best price, and sorry this is not what we are about. Enjoy the next bargain!
Posted by runsten on Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Why do you attack Roxette? Every restaurant here at Happy cow have many reviews. You read several of them and make up your mind, not after just Roxette's review, but after your conclusions after reading maybe 5 - 10 reviews. Every one understands that people have different taste and some people like Roxette and me might be "picky and spoiled" but if there are many other good reviews, people will disregard our reviews since we are just the spoiled picky ignorant people.

I did like your restaurant but I was disappointed about the dishes for lunch today. I really felt that I was back in school eating spaghetti with ratatouille and at a children party eating some sweet unhealthy cake. Maybe it is because if come from Scandinavia but we would never go to a restaurant to eat Spaghetti. Pasta, yes, but not thick white soft worms (what we used to joke about in school). A la dente might be a concept you should introduce, to avoid giving the feeling that you are eating in a canteen.
Posted by janne on Sunday, June 29, 2014
For me this review was the most helpful. I'm on my way to Berlin tomorrow and I was looking for nice places to eat. Le Mano Verde seemed promising, it was near my hotel and it was all vegan.

I was going to go check it out, but luckily I ran into this thread. Whatever the food is like, I can't imagine dining in a restaurant with an owner/staff as arrogant and hostile as what I've seen here. Thanks for the heads up.
Posted by AmandaUCSC on Saturday, May 30, 2015
I see both sides to this thread and just wanted to make a comment. I've eaten at La Mano Verde twice and both times I had a very nice experience, above all because the staff is courteous and the service impeccable. I find it a bit hilarious to insult that aspect of the experience, maybe it was a one-off for this poster's experience, but I find it laughable to complain about what I think has been my best service experience at *any* restaurant in Berlin *regardless of the food.* I've dined many times in Paris and find it laughable to even try and compare to places there. I was just in Paris (again, and I used to live there for years, too) and just locating a vegan-friendly non-generic-café is impossible.

Regarding the comments on the food, you wrote, "Nothing had much flavor, nothing was particularly creative or gourmet." But do we have evidence? You haven't told us what you even ate or tried. If it was so tasteless why not tell the owner and chef what exactly you disliked so he/she can try hard to improve it? This is vital if you post a negative review. I have noticed in Berlin that owners and chefs do often read these responses closely - as we see in this thread here - and if you actually want them to give you a better food you need to specify what it was you didn't like about the food you ate. Complaining gets you nowhere unless you can provide specifics.
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