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by Delve

Review: Salt and lots o' cash go hand in hand at this restaurant. I've eaten here a handful of times and have been thoroughly disappointed every time. I visited so often because there is so much incredible hype surrounding this restaurant. I'm a strict vegan and have been for nearly a decade. I learned after becoming a vegan that my palate changed. It became more sensitive to flavors such as salt which is a very common and more unoticeable flavor in a lacto vegetarian diet due to eating salty cheeses frequently. So, when I eat in a restaurant with salt laden small portioned expensive food I wonder to myself 'is this chef vegan' and making up for what s/he may think is a flavor lacking in vegan foods by adding liberal amounts of salt? Or is this a salt addicted vegan who needs to be rehabilitated with fresh herbs and spices? I had a theory for 3 years that the chef here must not be vegan. Turns out I was/am right about that. Not only is he not vegan..he isn't even a full blown vegetarian. That to me explains the lack of flavor dimension and overly salted food. I have many non-vegan non-vegetarian chef friends who don't resort to I know it can be done! The food is presented beautifully, but in such a way that one may feel intimidated to criticize. How can one criticize a place that has such hype and outrageously high costs? Their menu tends to change so I can mention the dishes I recall having: the lobster mushroom with pureed potatoes, and several of their seasonal dishes involving fennel, mushrooms, tomatoes. Each one came out looking very appetizing, but the flavors fell salty flat. One more thing to add: I had a friend who took a cooking class there with Chef Tucker and she mentioned as they were cooking a soup he came over and tasted the one she was working on and commented that it wasn't flavorful enough and needed something more. His ultimate advice to her? It was to add more salt.


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