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by RT1971

Review: After having passed by Ananda Fuara a ton over the years my fiancé and I decided to give it a shot. The decor is dated, like a religious cults attempt at cool in the late 80's that no one bothered to update, but we are there for some good vegan food and that is what matters the most. After we are seated we noticed two of the servers enjoying themselves trading off use of a fly swatter to try to swat a fly or two. Sort of ironic to see in a vegetarian restaurant but it gets more disturbing when it is feet away from where the completed meals are staged to be served to customers. If you are a vegan stoked on a menu with a wide array of choices Anada Fuara will disappoint. We settle on the Ravioli and Samosa dinners because those are two of the only options. The Ravioli's were okay but nothing that you couldn't make by stopping over at the Rainbow Grocery, purchasing their ready-made vegan ravioli's and throwing some bottled spaghetti sauce on it. Maybe you can say that about a lot of restaurants but most make an attempt to present the meal well, but not Ananda Fuara. They simply put it in a small bowl with two pieces of garlic bread on another small plate and throw it down like Mom after a bad day at work. Not a thought in the world about presentation. Not horrible, just nothing to be excited about. That is, unless of course, you compare it to the Samosa dinner. Two small american looking and tasting samosas with two tiny, not small but tiny, squares of naan, a small amount of chutney and the most tasteless pile of rice EVER. After finishing off the cardboard rice our plates were empty so someone grabbed them from our table. At no point did anyone ask if we enjoyed our food, refill our water or offer to get us anything else. After another 10 minutes passes we wander over to their bakery case to see what they had. We encounter fly swatter man who appears to have won the battle between good vs. fly. Our experience thus far told us we should get out before inflicting any more damage but no we went with the "I am a glutton for punishment" option. After all their menu says they have "the best vegan chocolate cake in all of San Francisco". What do we do? We order the "best vegan chocolate cake in all of San Francisco". Our small slice of cake sort of tasted like a Betty Crocker chocolate cake with some Hershey's chocolate sauce and powdered sugar thrown on it. Overall the food was entirely forgettable but the disappointment is not.


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