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Respond to Review of Golden Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
by Tofunativegirl

Review: I've been eating here for over 7 years. The food is soo good I have to constantly forgive them for putting onions in my food more than 60% of the time.... Don't care having to pull out onions... the food is fantastic. But: Just ordered take out.. on top of my chow fun dish was a couple of semi-twisted metal splinters/shavings. Took it back to them to make sure I can help them find the problem, so it won't happen to anyone else. The manager took one look at the metal and knew exactly where/how/why they got into my food. The noodle area has a fan that once in a while flings them out, this is what she told me. She offered to make me a new one. No i don't want another meal from you. No i don't want a refund. No, i will not sue you... the world is too "sue Happy". Yes, i lost all trust in you and will not eat your food ever again... bummer because i love your food. Yes, i contacted the alameda health department to send an inspector to you... so you will be forced to fix the problem that "happens every so often". Because apparently it's not important enough to you to fix. Yes, you are very, very lucky my wife or little daughter did not get hurt from your lack of caring! After they told me about this "repeating incident", i just had to walk out. No need to start screaming at them to make them feel guilty... when in reality they don't seem to care enough about it. Honestly... i enjoy their food so much, i would of probably forgiven them.... if i didn't have a daughter. If i didn't catch it... she might of been the one to gobble it down. And to think of what that would of done to her... wow. I will keep in contact with the health department, to make sure the physical problem is fixed. So others can safely eat there. Especially those that will never know what happened. But never again for me, as for you, at least you can make an informed decision now. Thank you for your time.


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