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by lwcy

Review: What happened to this restaurant?! I travel from the Pacific Northwest through Palm Springs every year on business and last spring I had an incredible meal here. This year, I discover when I walked into the restaurant that now they serve meat! As a vegetarian I am not willing to eat there anymore because you can smell the "flesh" that they are cooking in the kitchen. They should not even be listed on a vegetarian/vegan site. A previous comment about "for all intensive purposes this as a vegan restaurant" is a joke. How delusional is that comment! The cross contamination of animal waste into the food chain is well known in the food industry no matter what the owners of this restaurant try to make you believe. Just one look at the pictures posted on this site is evident of the "over-cooked", brown food that they now serve here. Where are the colors of the rainbow!? I encourage everyone to stay true to businesses that are truly vegetarian/vegan. There is another restaurant in the area that is true and never waivers in their conscious commitment to the cause. It is evident by their longevity, huge success and growth. Additionally, the owners responded nastily when I questioned their shift from an obviously conscious menu to one with meat. It was a very disappointing experience. OBVIOUSLY they are confused with what they want to contribute to keeping the planet healthy!


Mz. Sass
Posted by Mz. Sass on Friday, February 22, 2013
I think any amount of meat-eating would be superior to spreading such narrow-minded negativity. Palm Greens Cafe has exceptional food, period. If someone is worried about a fish scale dropping into their food & boosting their omega-3 content, they should eat at home where they can control everything. Besides, it's such rigid zeal that turns people off to vegetarianism, veganism & other healthier ways of eating & living.
Posted by shibadoc on Tuesday, January 14, 2014
I was very very disappointed when they added meat. It went from my favorite restaurant, eating there all the time, to maybe once a year when I am with someone who wants meat and I don't. too bad, I had such high hopes for them.
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