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by vegangolfpro

Review: During our recent vacation to Las Vegas, we ate at Red Velvet Cafe. I ordered the vegan chicken soft tacos, and my wife had the vegan ravioli. When my tacos came, the first thing I noticed was the "vegan" cheese. I opened the taco, and too my amazement, the cheese stretched all the way across the taco. As someone who eats a lot of vegan cheese, I have never encountered a vegan cheese that stretches six inches. So, I asked the owner what brand it was. He said that it was homemade. I asked what was in it. He said soy. I asked what specifically was in it to make it stretch. He said it was a secret recipe. A few years back, I had the same exact conversation with the owners of Gianna's Grille in Philly, who claimed to make their own vegan cheese (which was also super stretchy). It turned out that Gianna's lied about their cheese and were actually using non-vegan cheese (they are scumbags). So, I am very skeptical of a person who claims to make homemade vegan cheese, especially when it stretches and stays together when heated. So, i didn't get anywhere with the owner. He went back to the kitchen, so I asked the woman working the counter the same question. She said, "I'm under contract and can't tell you the ingredients." Since I wasn't getting anywhere, we ate around the cheese and paid the bill then left. So here's my take. The owner doesn't make vegan cheese. Since they won't disclose the ingredients, and they also serve meat and dairy, they are lying about the vegan cheese. I have come to realize that there are people in this world who will prey on other people just to make a buck. Do not support this restaurant.


Posted by veganinvegas on Friday, February 22, 2013
This is not Burger King where they claim the fries are fried in oil, only to find out its lard... If Aneesha says it's vegan, IT'S VEGAN.

Maybe you should stay at at hotel with a kitchenette if you don't trust other people to make your food.
Erin P.
Posted by Erin P. on Friday, February 22, 2013
Of course the cheese is vegan. Just because it's stretchy doesn't mean it can't be vegan. Aneesha, the owner, is fierce about the vegan stuff in the restaurant, making sure utensils and the oven and the panini press are not cross contaminated with the non-vegan stuff. Before you make accusations, get some facts. I've eaten there dozens of times and if I was eating non-vegan cheese my stomach would have told me by now. Maybe she doesn't want to reveal ingredients beacause she's worried rivals will steal her recipe. I'm just saying, no way this cheese is non-vegan. I'd be sick every time I ate my bowl of macaroni and cheese. Give it another shot. You'll see.
Posted by Jeffrey on Friday, February 22, 2013
Hi Vegangolfpro, although I haven't tried this place yet, super-stretchy vegan cheese does sound a bit off. If they have found the the holy grail of vegan cheese, it seems like they could make a fortune selling it in the stores. I'm also skeptical about people who refuse to tell you what is in things.
Posted by vegangolfpro on Friday, February 22, 2013
Erin P. and Veganinvegas: The menu there is about 10% vegan, and when I asked for ingredients, they wouldn't tell me. If they have no problem serving animal carcass, then I'm sure they have no problem serving non-vegan cheese and labeling it vegan. As far as I'm concern, if they won't tell patrons ingredients, they are lying.
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