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by eatinggreen

Review: We had dinner at this place tonight and wow are we regretting it. Arrived at around 8pm on this, a Friday night to find not a soul in there except the owner who was reading a newspaper. The location feels a bit dodgy - a dark street with nothing around it but blacked out houses. No people nor life in sight. Perhaps they all ate at this place and knew to stay away... The inside of the place also looks and feels dead, as does the expression on the owner's face. We exchange glances and consider escaping but the options at this time of the night in such a dark corner of Penang (with no transport) are not exactly plentiful so we venture to look at the menu. As expected, a page of Western food and several pages full of the usual fried noodles, soups and rices. Having spotted Maggi noodles on the menu we grew even more nervous... this can't be good. Unable to find anything worthy of ordering we ask if they have any vegetables at all. The lady looks at us as though we have asked for some class A drugs and disappears into the kitchen. Upon her return she offers us a surprisingly vast selection - sambal veges, mixed veges, kang kong balcan... we order all three and skip the rice/noodles, having already eaten plenty for lunch. What came out tasted ok. It was very quick to arrive however and we were having difficulties believing that such complex flavours were concocted from scratch, particularly in this place. And oh how right we were there. We always request that our food is cooked without MSG and this time was no exception. What we hadn't bargained for though was the old 'meal from the jar' trick. What we had just consumed was a lot of vegetables doused in jars of seasoning sauce... which of course is full of preservatives, colours, MSG, whatever you can imagine, it is all in there. We know we ate this because not 20min passed before both of us started to feel REALLY ill. Sweating, clamminess, dizziness, headache, spinning sensation, strong nausea (thought I might throw up...), you name it. As I write this my hands are still shaking, although a swift decision to grab some Indian food did help a bit (no better medicine than spices and lots of water for ailments like this). The vege options in Penang at night are limited but whatever you do, don't go here. Much better to eat your socks than risk this. Don't say you weren't warned!!


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