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by Arby

Review: Sadies should be down to earth, homey and comfortable. That's what you think when you first see the joint. But the service and food make it shabby instead. Make the tunes neutral or kill the music would be one suggestion I have. I HATE honky tonk ambience. I asked about the veggie burger, which came with fries and a salad. Strangely, I don't remember the salad, which isn't good. I think it was just a few leafs of cheapo iceberg lettuce, but I don't really remember. The buns were crap, as even the server acknowledged. I asked whether the fries were crispy and she said that making them crispy was no problem. I got floppy fries. And she brought me two kinds of mustard and no vinegar. When I expressed surprise about that, she expressed surprise that I expressed surprise. Was she serious? I asked whether the burger was in patty form. After my experience at Green Earth (I shudder), I didn't want a repeat. She said 'yes'. The patty was okay, I think. But it was meager. And the burger overall was a sorry thing indeed. The coffee, fair trade and oranic, was so weak I couldn't taste it. It was a barrel too. A barrel of hot water. What a waste of time and money! The server's comment after she asked for mine, which was given, was: 'It's a diner'. Right. Is she saying diners are by definition crappy and therefore I can't complain?


Posted by ekim on Friday, February 22, 2013
So... I go here regularly and I have to defend Sadies.

Granted, the music can sometimes be annoying, but it's usually good and chosen by the people who are working there rather than the management. Let the people listen to what they want.

As for the veggie burger, I usually save my veg. burger appetite for when I'm eating out at non-veg restaurants where that's the only option. Sadies has so many interesting vegan-adapted things on the menu and you ordered the one thing that is available almost everywhere. Sorry if you were disappointed, but be a bit more adventurous.

The salad is always pretty good. It has mixed organic greens, candied pecans and orange slices. There is no iceberg lettuce. They offer salad, fries, or both - I only know a small handful of places that will do that, and most charge extra.

Did you ask fo vinegar or did you just expect it?

The servers there are no-nonsense and it sounds like you were giving them nonsense with being verbally surprised at the arrival of 2 kinds of mustard.

Also remember: you paid $7 for your veggie burger with fries and salad.

I hope you tipped
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