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Review: I have a strict Organic diet and in recent travels found this cafe online. Called the owner Denise who was very nice and after detailed discussion of my dietary needs, we decided on a menu for my upcoming visit. Unfortunately when I arrived with a friend on date agreed, the staff had not purchased organic produce as the owner asked and I ended up having a bland, dry, over priced lunch. When asking waiter about my preplaned meal she said the "garlic is sort of organic". Hello, there is no such thing as 'sort of organic'. It is or isn't. My friend enjoyed her meal. I would try it again but only after talking with the owner again with a commitment to serving an all organic meal.


Posted by NotionView on Friday, February 22, 2013
As the Owner of Leafy Greens Cafe, I feel I need to respond to this review personally. I spoke to this guest before she came to the cafe. I discussed her arrival with my staff, who, by the way, is headed by a VERY qualified graduate of the Natural Culinary Inst of New York City.

She told me that she had flat-lined from eating non-organic food. I question why someone would even take a chance eating at a public eatery when their life is in danger. I assured her that we could provide her with an all organic meal. When she arrived, she had ideas of her own about what was organic and what wasn't. She insisted that my organic produce supplier was selling me non-organic items and refused to eat several items my staff suggested. With the threat that she might DIE from eating at the cafe and my absense at the time she arrived, my staff was hesitant to create anything for her. My kitchen was HAULTED in order to create a tomato sauce to the CUSTOMER'S SPECIFICATIONS! We gave her exactly what she asked for. I arrived while she was eating and went to make sure she was happy. She said the food was good even though she gave us a negative review. We do our very best to provide as much organic as is available at a resonable price.
Posted by xbillyx on Friday, February 22, 2013
Flat-lined from eating non-organic food? I very much doubt that. It sounds like this person was a nutjob and the owner did everything she could to accommodate her. That's one con about health brings out some crazies.
Posted by MeenErhabes on Saturday, September 27, 2014
Natural Culinary Inst of New York City is nothing to BRAGG about.There students are taught how to murder all sorts of Gods creatures ,cutting them into pieces so someones tongue can dance on their flesh.
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