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Review: I am the owner of Leafy Greens Cafe. Today, after four VERY successful months open, we had our FIRST unhappy customer! Two people came into the restaurant and ordered a stir-fry and an infused rice dish. Both were ordered without garlic or onion, which I gladly accommodated because we make everything from scratch and I make most of the vegan dishes, being a long-time vegan and Macro for many years. Well, the one infused rice dish was made with orange juice, rice vinegar and a small amount of Tamari Sauce. Just so you know, we only use the BEST ingredients and the Tamari we use costs a FORTUNE!!! The stir fry is described as a tofu dish with a "Savory Brown Tamari Sauce". There was no question that we were using Tamari for this dish! The guest (Ralph Reed) and his partner ate half of the dish and then, when the server asked if they wanted to take the other half home (our portions are pretty big and it is not unusual for someone to leave with vegan food), they said the food was WAY too salty! I was pretty upset because this was the first customer since we opened to complain - but worse was the fact that I tried to offer to re-cook them a dish or give them something else and Mr. Reed wanted to argue instead. I tried to explain that we use aged traditional Tamari in the Macro tradition and that we would be happy to fix any problem he had. He responded by telling me he was a vegetarian for 20+ years (same as me!) and that our Brown organic basmati rice, organic veggies cold pressed organic olive oil and aged Tamari with Arrowroot was not healthy! He then thanked me for arguing with him and told me that he was going to write a terrible review of our restaurant! I wanted to send this out because I am quite confident that I did everything possible to fix anything I could possibly fix for this customer and that I really believe (since he also did not tip the server) that these people may make excuses in order to not pay for their dinners and I wanted to make sure that any other restaurateur that looks through these reviews knows this person's name so they do not fall prey to the same nonsense. As for everyone else reading this, I assure you that we bend over backwards to please our customers and have had nothing but RAVE reviews of our food! The most ironic part of this is that I keep Organic, Low-sodium, Aged Tamari in the restaurant for anyone who asks for it! Be well, Denise


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