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by eco_cat

Review: I have been a vegan for fifteen years. When I moved to the Syracuse area, I was excited that there was a fully vegan restaurant. Unfortunately, I have only been disappointed. If you like sugary milkshakes, this place is for you. You see, I believe that you can eat vegan and healthy whole foods at the same time. Who knows about the oils they are using. I asked once and got a scary response. I thought whole grain breads would be an obvious choice on their menu, but no. SH does not offer whole grain bread. SH uses no organic or local food that I can see. There are local organic farmers all around the area who would be happy to supply year-round organic greens. I appreciate the vegan ethic, but I'd rather eat at home where vegan food is healing and healthy. Basically, this restaurant lacks sophistication. It feels like college boys are making the food--vegan fast food that saves animals but little else. I look forward to SH growing up one day so that the food will be made with "kitchen consciousness".


Posted by Cloudsandsea on Monday, February 3, 2014
I somewhat agree. I've only been to Strong Hearts a few times; I got the pizza (pretty amazing) and a veggie sandwich that was okay, and I think the other time I got BBQ tempeh sandwich. I am really not a big fan of Soy, which seems to be in a good portion of their food. I have seen Strong Hearts mention Eden Cafe (vegan restaurant in Scranton PA) on social media once, and I have to say I'm a big fan of that place. I've been there twice. If only Strong Hearts had a few extra food choices like Eden, I'd go there all the time! I've done some research on Soy and concluded that it should only be consumed in moderation, organically and non-GMO especially* and fermented if possible. Too bad Strong Hearts doesn't offer a soy-free veggie patty of some sort. With an addition of healthier options I would totally go there more often as it's the closest vegan eatery near me, at 20 minutes away. Otherwise, I commend them on existing here in Syracuse, but as with anything, improvements can almost always be made.
Posted by XStrongHeartsX on Friday, February 22, 2013
#1.) We do not add sugar to any of our milkshakes. They are all made with Temptation soy ice cream and Organic Valley soymilk. There is one shake, the Harriet Tubman, that we add a shot of maple syrup to. That's it.

#2.) We use canola oil and extra virgin olive oil both of which, upon thorough investigation, contain zero trans fats.

#3.) We do not offer a whole grain bread because there isn't a single bakery in Syracuse that makes a vegan one. Believe me, we've checked. We are continuing to explore some options outside our immediate area.

#4.) We use "no organic food that you can see"??? Hmmm. Check this list out:

We never claimed to be an organic cafe. We use organic as much as we can and go out of our way to use the best ingredients we can find even if they cost way more and make us less money.

If you want an all organic, super hippie, rice cake and lentil loaf cafe, you've come to the wrong place. We try to appeal to people who have absolutely no clue what the word vegan means and succeed every single day with our appealing menu and good service.

Thanks for the feedback.

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