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Review: I was really excited when I heard that a vegan restaurant was opening up in Syracuse as there are so few here. I respect and appreciate their purpose and certainly wish them the best of luck. However, I was disappointed each of the three times I've dined there. The first time was shortly after the grand opening and I was hesitant to write off my experience negatively. The following visits occurred in the following months, each time with an open mind. I paid $8 for a basic tofurkey sandwich on unsubstantial bread with a slice of under-ripe tomato and weak lettuce, and if thats what you like than this is the place for you. As for myself, I can make a far superior sandwich at home for less than $3. Their milkshakes are good, but it's difficult to mess up a milkshake. It would be nice to see more variety and a little more effort in their menu. How about a dish of the day? Maybe more in-house made ingredients (tofurky??). It would be nice to see something other than sandwiches and one pizza day a week. Maybe a nightly dinner special, something that we dont make at home. Their coffee is good, the biodegradable take-out containers are great.


Posted by XStrongHeartsX on Friday, February 22, 2013
Hey Sunday. This is Joel, co-owner of Strong Hearts. Thanks for visiting our place 3 different times and thanks for the review.

$8 for a Tofurkey Sandwich huh? Hmmm. Yeah I'd be miffed too. But ours cost $6 so it's sounds like you may not be remembering the price correctly. As for the toppings on the sandwich, that's up to you. The basic sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, veganaise, Teese vegan cheese and your choice of hickory smoked or oven roasted Tofurkey. At the bottom of the sandwich menu (which perhaps you did not see), you can add at no additional cost, things like sprouts, mushrooms, cucumbers, green peppers, red peppers, onions, olives, banana peppers, or jalapenos just to name a new of the options. So, if your sandwich seemed "unsubstantial", maybe you should consider adding a few things to it next time.

Re: "It would be nice to see something other than sandwiches and one pizza day a week. Maybe a nightly dinner special, something that we dont make at home. " We make plenty of things other than sandwiches and milkshakes. For instance, we serve breakfast foods all day, have a plenty of salads to choose from, have a few different options for "sides", serve a different homemade soup of the day every day, and serve a dizzying array of fresh homemade desserts. Also, the size of our kitchen is probably the same size as the one you have in your house. Doing a daily special while still maintaining our already extensively menu is just not feasible at this time. We hope to expand the menu in the future and make changes so there are new offerings for people to try.
Thanks for the review and next time you stop by (IF you stop by!), please ask for me and introduce yourself. Thanks again!

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