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Review: I'd read questionable reviews on other sites about this place, but since I saw it on HappyCow, I thought to overlook those and give it a shot. Boy, did I make the wrong reservation. Luckily my family and I were able to find humor in the mess and overlook it, but I'd still like to write a review cautioning others. I entered the restaurant with high hopes for a delicious Vietnamese-flavoured vegetable mix and walked out with a nearly empty stomach and a tinge of regret. Before opening the menu, my mother had read through it and said, "Good luck finding something here.." I said, "No mom, they have a vegetarian page!" Well, those five items (in the back of a menu filled with duck, shrimp, pork, fish, etc.), were either fried or made up mostly of processed tofu (& did not fit within my current eating choices, Natalia's Rose's Detox4Women). So, I kindly asked the waiter, who obviously owns the restaurant, if he could make me a stir-fried veggie mix. "NO. The chef will not do that. No restaurant will do that. You will order a number." Taken aback by his harsh tone and undeniable rudeness, I was actually quite shaken up that a man to whom I had been out-of-my-way nice on the phone and upon arrival would not only speak to me in such a way - but also be so incredibly unaccommodating, even after I'd explained that I was following a special diet. (I'm sure people on this website know what it feels like to have your conscious choices be slapped in the face.) People at a nearby table saw this scene and told us not to worry- that they wouldn't accommodate me because it is a "gourmet restaurant." Gourmet restaurant? Really? Please, someone, tell me what that actually means. Does it really hold any meaning at all? Upon a glance in the dictionary, I've found the only adjectivial definition of gourmet to read: "of or relating to gastronomy; gastronomic adventures." Indeed, what a gastronomic adventure it was. My aunt, a wine connoisseur by profession, ordered the grouper and said the food was anything but gourmet. According to the whole table, her fish had the taste of ammonium - an ingredient used to preserve fish and cover up the fact that it was actually rotting. That dish was cleared less than half eaten. The others at the table were not overly satisfied. As for me - I ordered a small appetizer salad for dinner, for lack of any compromise on the part of the restaurant. The bitter watercress (sans sugar salad dressing) left an appropos taste in my mouth and mind.


Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
2 issues: first sorry you had a bad deal there, we went w infants and old folks and they were super nice about it so I wouldn't imagine they'd be like that.

second, please don't review fish on a veg site, thanks

boca is a hard town to find food, S FL in general
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