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by Terry Winters

Review: Rarely am I so sorely disappointed by a dining experience as I was by Seed. When I dine at a restaurant, I expect to get decent sized portions if they are charging full-rate cost for all dishes and entrees, which they are. One can always take home any uneaten portion if watching calories or their weight. The "cup" of soup I ordered looked more like a half cup of soup, and was entirely bland except for some overly chunky and strongly flavored red onions. Basically it tasted like smashed corn with onion. This would be fine if I were at home and in a hurry and had nothing else to eat, but in a restaurant? A soup can easily be made flavorful with the addition of some spice or some salt, or finely chopped additions of other ingredients to compliment the flavor of the main ingredient so that a taste of the addition is added to each bite, not a large chunk of overly sharp anything, so that even if I loved the red onion, only two or three bites of the half cup would have benefited from the addition. Why no salt? Salt is not an enemy to be avoided, but a condiment to be used judiciously to bring out the flavor of foods. The zucchini alfredo consisted of about a cup and a half ( a FLUFFY cup and a half, worth about 25 cents ) of shredded zucchini, and as far as I could taste had no sauce whatsoever except some sort of watery I-don't-know-what on the bottom of the plate that did not stick at all to the shreds of vegetable matter. Why is it called alfredo? I understand some kind of artistic license to be taken when preparing unconventional dishes, but there is no reason whatsoever to have called it alfredo. The "ceasar" salad - again, why Ceasar? Because it was made with romaine lettuce? This is not enough reason to use that term in my opinion. It had no croutons, no garlic, no discernible lemon juice or oil, of course no egg, which authentic ceasar salad would have, no parmesan cheese, not even faux cheese. It was about 10 cents worth of shredded lettuce and nothing else. So, a plate barely bigger than a bread plate with less than a dollar's worth of tasteless vegetable matter for $10.50. My friend ordered ravioli. I had one, a small morsel about the size of a mandarin orange slice. It was the only thing that had any flavor whatsoever of both our meals. I think there were five of them on her plate, about two tablespoons of red sauce, another "ceasar" salad, and a very bland cracker with miniscule shreds of basil and and a few cubes of tomato - for $13.50?


Posted by seedrestaurant on Friday, February 22, 2013
The Corn Chowder is one of seed's most asked for soups and is dressed with chopped red bell pepper - NOT red onion. Our Caesar Salad is served with a cashew/lemon/garlic dressing, rosemary croutons, capers and pine nut parmesan.

I truly appreciate constructive, realistic comments that will enhance and improve the quality of the food we serve.
Posted by MightyJacob707 on Friday, February 22, 2013
I read this terribly inaccurate review prior to going to this establishment and got exactly what I expected: wonderfully prepared raw organic whole food..... I was very surprised at the size of portions..... very large for the price. If you like going to Cafe Gratitude (which I do ) you'll love this great, great place, and youll spend half the money. If you want cheese, or meat, this is not the place for you.
Posted by kpolacci on Friday, February 22, 2013
This is crazy-talk. I don't know if Terry's just used to Applebee's, and their level of salt-fat-sweetness and portions, but I've always had the greatest experience at Seed. I'm not vegetarian, but I still consider this one of my favorite restaurants in the area (which says a lot, considering this is wine country). And the portions are always PERFECT. . . I walk away feeling totally nourished and satisfied.
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