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by danjammin

Review: I visited this restaurant recently after searching it out due to reviews from this site. My experience there was not good at all - the 'very disappointing' review below sums it up perfectly. I went there with my wife and small children expecting a warm reception, as is typical in Paris when with out with your family. When we walked in the door the place was deathly silent, several diners huddled over their food, either alone or whispering quietly to each other. There were a few sparse pings of Oriental garden music (for the 'ambiance' I suppose) and a solitary bamboo shoot and four very plain walls to greet us. We should have walked out then. We thought we should stay and give it a go to support vege restaurants in general, so we ended up ordering the number 1 and 2 plates and some starters of hummous and other bits and pieces. Like previously commented, the hummous was not in any way good but was unfortunately as good as it was going to get. I asked if this came with pita or something to dip (I don't like eating it by the spoonful in public) and was told 'of course' only for them to deliver a small basket of 4 or 5 thin slices of hard stale baguette. One little slice each then... When the main courses arrived, one was basically a sampler plate with about 10 different dips, pastes, marinades, etc., most of which were pretty horrible. Hummous made an appearance on this platter and was the most palatable option, so we asked for more bread. Some slimy aubergine/eggplant dish got left behind as did various other concoctions that someone obviously thought would be pleasant to actually eat. The other main course was a single ramekin of rice, a single ramekin of lentils (who eats lentils by the ramekin, I'll take a large bowl please!) and the rest of the plate scattered with large chunks of cold, pre-steamed root vegetables with nothing else added whatsoever. So the girls had a few spoonfuls of rice each, a spoonful or two of lentils, and whatever they could salvage off of the first plate. By this time we'd had enough, paid the ridiculously expensive bill (how much for a few vegetables?) to the rather unpleasant waiter and were very relieved that none of my non-vege friends were with us for this experience as I'd never hear the end of it. The best thing about this place? There's a lovely little pizza shop just to the right when you go out. They're Portuguese/Italian, are very friendly, seem to love children and make a great pizza for dinner :-)


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