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by Nyanko

Review: I go to Commensal if I really have no other option, but I wouldn't go there spontaneously. There are few vegan options, most of their warm food are vegetarian. The warm food is also not that healthy: it mainly consists of very basic vegetarian food,the kind you like when you are a beginner vegetarian. As a 10 year + vegetarian (elvolving into 90% veganism) I don't really enjoy their lasagna (too bland, too much useless chesse, not enough vegetables) or ther mini pizza (same that above). Their fried imperial rolls are good, but don't compare that the real ones you can find in an asian restaurant. The other meals are, again, very basic vegetarian food: marinated tofu, chili (the one I make at home is better!), that kind of stuff. I wasn't impressed, though it can make a satisfying meal when you're hungry. As for the entrées, they are pretty not original either. It mainly consists of various salad (chickpea and olive salad, pasta salad, avocado salad...) Then again, I find the non vegan meals the less tasty, maybe because their food is mostly bland, so the cheese and butter they put in makes the taste and heartiness of it. As for the desserts, *none* of them is vegan, and they are all super rich creamy double-layer type cakes. I don't know if I don't like them because I'm French (not used to all that useless frosting and sugar) but my favorite are the most simple: their pecan and maple tart is good. For the quality and unoriginality of their food, they could at least ofer a cheaper price, but this is fairly overpriced. As a conclusion, I'd say that go there if you really can't find other alternatives in your neighborhood, but don't bring your omnivorous friends with you, as they could think that veggie cuisine is nothing more but an imitation of their own food, except with no meat. NB: May I add that you can find some of their products in supermarkets? like veggie paté, soup and frozen meals. I admist I find them very bland aswell.


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