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by dem

Review: I have eaten at Simon's Wok twice. I was unhappy after the first visit, but wanted to give it one more chance. The waitress was very unfriendly. She did not speak a word to us until the end. Placed the menu and card where customers have to write their orders themselves on the table without a word. Picked up the order without a word. Brought us tea, brought us forks, the food and so on without saying a word or giving us a smilke. Despite being thanked with a smile for each of these acts, she was unfriendly. Now I"ll talk about the food: The spring roll was frozen in the middle!! It had quite obviously been deep fried at a much earlier time, then frozen, then microwaved (for not enough time) when I ordered it. I never send food back to the kitchen while in a restaurant for fear of reprisal from the staff. The tofu/mushroom dish was nice, I will give them that. The waitress finally got super friendly when she brought the bill and tip time was coming, which definitely did not impress me. I asked for the leftovers to be wrapped up, and she just brought them to a table at the back (that people ordering takeout were standing around) and started dumping them in styrofoam takeout containers. I did not feel like that was very clean. While walking out of the restaurant, I noticed that this resturant had received a Conditional Pass by Toronto's Dinesafe program. You can visit their website to read this information for yourself, as it is public record. Basically, the service was horrendous, the food wasn't cooked properly, and the hygeine was unacceptable. I love to support vegetarian restaurants, but I cannot support Simon's Wok. I will never go back.


Posted by peasonearth on Friday, February 22, 2013
Hi Dem, I liked your review of this place. It is crazy how a restaurant like this is still going, don't you think?
Posted by tinacoopman on Friday, February 22, 2013
Umm, I'm not too sure what you expect them to do with your leftovers. I have worked in the food industry for quite some time at many restaurants. When you ask for something to get wrapped up all your server oes is take it to the back and dump it in a styrofoam container. Would you have felt better if she went 5 more feet into the back to do it? I'm not sure what you expect. As for the spring roll, they do not deep fry it ahead of time then microwve it, that is disgusting. I have had their spring rolls and they were crunchy, meaning they were not microwaved, or they would be soggy. They were probably frozen being thrown into the deep fryer and didn't heat all the way through...a lot of places deep fry frozen stuff, just to let you know.....
Posted by dem on Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Hi Peasonearth, thanks for the feedback. I looked at the Dinesafe website and I see that they passed their latest inspection (Oct 15, 2009) but I still will not go back. Cheers.
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