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by vegebald

Review: I'm a strict vegan for 37 years for moral reasons so even a little bit of egg, whey, or animal stomach in the food is enough for me to boycott Lotus Vegan. To me, they're just another one of those "Fake Vegan" thai places that have sprung up all over Los Angeles county. They got caught dead to rights by testing equipment by Quarry Girl testing "High" for eggs in their pancakes, so I know they don't have a conscience and can't be trusted. When I visited the restaurant in February 2012, the first thing I asked the waitress was how genuinely vegan their food was. She was clueless, didn't know how to answer me. I asked her about their fake meats, did they have whey or other animal products in them. Again, she was clueless, excused herself to ask the chefs, and came back and reported that they didn't know what I was talking about; she couldn't even pronounce "whey" even when I spelled it out and explained it to her. Experienced as I am with these type of irresponsible restaurants, I made the easy conclusion that if they didn't know what "whey" is, then they'd have no idea if their fake meats were truly vegan as many of the "vegetarian" food manufacturers coming out of Asia have been found to be intentionally mislabeling their products and hiding their animal-based ingredients. Remember folks, whey almost always has a HUGE amount of animal stomach (rennet) in from the cheese-making process. When they talk about "Whey Protein", most of that protein is the stomach flesh! The Milk protein goes into the cheese, the rennet stays behiind in the whey! There is very little "vegetarian" cheese out there, and subsequently almost all whey is full of animal stomach. Anyway, regarding Lotus Restaurant, as it was a slow night, it would have been very appropriate for the chef to come out and personally discuss this with me IF they had any real genuine concern about true veganism. I'm not the type to make a fuss or drama, so I simply ordered three basic thai vegetable dishes, stayed away from the fake meats, and have opted to never return. I found the three entrees to be very average at best and the portions a slight bit on the small size, and therefore kind of overpriced: I'm not a big man, and I was with my 75-year old vegetarian mother who doesn't eat much, and yet we easily consumed all three entrees completely. The small restaurant has no real atmosphere, just Kind of "Blah". conclusion: if you're a genuine vegan or vegetarian, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!


Posted by SarkisMambreian on Saturday, March 2, 2013
I agree... There are to many Vegan Thai wanna be places out there.. This place is no difference.. If the waiter or waitress doesnt know the type of soy protein they are serving.. then you probably shouldnt even bother to order..
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