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Review: I was wondering why I do this to myself, when there are other health food stores in town? All just as good. And all of them have a much better atmosphere. Why do I continue to give the Bank Street Herb & Spice my money, when I could take it elsewhere? Why indeed? I think I'm done making that mistake. How can I describe the vibe in the store? It's like walking into some way-too-hip night club, the one that everyone is trying to get into, but you're just not cool enough to get on the guest list. Except it's not some cool night club. It's a grocery store. Hey, snooty young white privileged hipsters, you work in a grocery store. The staff seem to be there for the purpose of looking cool, feeling hip and beautiful, socializing with each other, and occasionally doing you the favor of processing your purchase at the cash. When they're not avoiding eye contact, they're looking down their nose at you. Maybe it's a class thing, and they simply know no other way of being. Maybe they can't help it. I felt like I was inconveniencing them by bringing up my money to the cash, to pay for the few items I had picked out. As I sat at the little table outside, eating my delicious snack, I felt gross. It was like the worst aspects of junior high. Excerpt the people working there are not 13 years old anymore. I guess I'll continue to visit their wellness shop, that is unless I find another place that sells Earthpaste. Then it's sayonara, suckaz. Or maybe I'll simply order the stuff online. It will be a little more trouble, but I won't feel like I need a shower after. For whatever it's worth, I've been vegetarian for about 17 years, and have shopped at most of the health foods stores in the city, if not every single one. I LOVE health food stores. The Bank Street Herb & Spice is unique for it's make-your-skin-crawl customer service. Guys and gals, you're not doing me a favor by allowing me to shop at your store. And, believe it or not, you're not nearly as fabulous and glamorous as you seem to think you are. I looked up some reviews of the store online, and I can see that my experience isn't an anomaly. "Not the friendliest of places," wrote one reviewer. You can say that again, Christine. Jeff wrote: "Great grocery store, but customer service is definitely lacking." I'll take my leave now, and let the Herb & Spice cashiers get back to performing for the documentary (or music video!), which they seem to think some invisible cameraman is making about their lives.


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