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by Krutolow

Review: See more pics and the full review at Marty's Flying Vegetarian Review at You'd probably drive right by it if you didn't know you should be looking for it but Spiral Diner and Bakery is where my culinary vegan mind turns when I see a trip to Dallas. I'll review food from here until ... well, seriously, until the cows come home. The interior space isn't what I would call warm and fuzzy, except if you take philosophy into account, but more spartan if not utilitarian. There is a sort of '50s look to it and it's a biiiig space for the amount of tables. The lunch counter is to the left. Booths line the windows and it's bright and sunny. The self serve beverage and condiment bar is to the far left. The sign on the hostess station basically says grab a menu and a seat and we'll come over and say hi. I get to the diner and my mind goes to that zen place that only vegans can know of when they are in a place that doesn't require 40 questions to order. It's somewhat of a meditative state. I look at the menu, and know I have to go for the Philly Cheez Steak although BBQ and Jerk flavored tofu and seitan also are setting their hooks into my palate. It's my go to comfort food meal. I am craving a salad and the special has about 20 ingredients in it and I also cave in and order a smoothie. Cave in you say? Yeah, I make a smoothie at home about 4 times a week so paying for something I make with no thought or effort is always something I have to push through but I want it so order it. (Wahhhhhh). Real Smooth Smoothie with Orange Juice, (choice of apple), soy milk, (choice of almond), banana, strawberry, blueberry and pineapple. 16 oz for $4.50. Ok, at that price how could I not order it. So I'm sipping my smoothie, wandering around the restaurant, checking out the shelves, grabbing a copy of John Robbins' "Diet for a Small Planet." I see a little sign that says all employees are required to read this book before starting work and since it's on my "To Read" list anyway I pick it up. I start to read the forward by Dean Ornish, a semi folk hero of mine due to all the work he's done in REVERSING heart disease ... and my phone rings. Here is where you might start to understand some of the pressure of being a charter pilot. The passengers want to leave in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I stammer through a lame explanation of why we might, just might not be able to do that exactly on time, grab a waitress ...


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