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by A.Z.P.

Review: I remember when this place just opened... the selection was smaller... the recipes were off... it took them a while to get the food out... overall it wasn't something to write home about. WOW HAVE THINGS CHANGED! Nowadays I make excuses to go to Tel Aviv, just so i can come here, eat, and get take out for the next day. Here are 5 reasons it is the best in Israel: 1. Selection- this place has everything, it is the only restaurant I've been to in this country which actually has a legitimate international menu ranging from oriental (QUINOA SUSHI!!) to mexican to Indian to Middle Eastren, you name it and they have it! 2. Content- Brilliant! In their Pesto gnocci, not only is it one of the best pestos youve ever had, with the gnocci IS Smoked tofu, walnuts, cashews, and indian seeds making for a complete and wonderful entree 3. Service- in the 30 or so times ive been here only once did they screw up my order. Aryeh the owner cared so much, he came out to listen to the entire story and then gave us all complimentary desert... we walked out happy and couldnt wait to return 4. Personalized- Sure they have stir fry entrees ready to order, but you can also choose a protein (Diff kinds of tofu, Tempeh, Seitan), a grain (Rice, rice noodle, quinoa, Zucchini noodles) and A sauce (too many to list) and put together whatever you would most enjoy. Ive tried many and the "sweet and spicy chile with tofu and Zucchini noodles" is good, but my personal fave is definitely "the Curry Tempeh with rice noodles".. Sooooo good! 5. Great there and on the go- When you are there it is how I would imagine New York's East Village in the 1960's. It has a great vibrant and pro-vege feel with all sorts of interesting posters and Vegetarian Activist material. The place is as warm and hospitable as can be, its a great place to be social and make new vege friends and order a big sit down dinner or graze in the Salad Bar of the century. If you are on the run you can grab a quick wrap (Roast beef and the smoked tofu are my two faves) and be in and out in a matter of minutes. Honestly, if Happy Cow gave me more space, I would write 50 reasons this place is great, that being said, While it ain't fancy, for quality, for atmosphere, for value, for variety, and for sheer satisfaction, the Original Buddha Burgers on Yehuda Ha-Levi is the Best Vegetarian Restaurant Israel has to offer.


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