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by harrysandy

Review: Bizarre vegan restaurant. The food is meatless, but there is little in terms of meat replacement. You kind of feel like you were invited over to your well-meaning aunt's house and she made her special dish for you and just left out the meat. But she was too clueless about how vegans actually survive day-to-day--by eating protein--so she didn't think to include any. I ordered the lasagna--no protein. My husband had sheep's pie--no protein. Our son order pasta with red sauce and they made that for him special, but with no protein. So we ordered a side of seitan, so he got protein. My daughter had pizza and added vegan pepperoni to it, so at least she got that for protein. We did not realize when we ordered our dishes that they would be protein-free. What's the point of having a vegan restaurant if your patrons are going to be just as starved for protein as if they went to some meat restaurant that has no vegan protein! Honestly, it seemed like the menu was designed by a 13-year-old girl who just became a vegan and knew nothing about nutrition. Sorry to go on, I was just floored by this incredible oversight. Food was ok in terms of taste.


Posted by SummerSun on Tuesday, April 20, 2010
When I became a vegetarian years ago, it was partially because I preferred the taste of vegetables over the taste of meat. When I became vegan, I was concerned about getting enough nutrients and a balanced diet. Apon a little research, I found out that all vegetables have protien in them, allthough not as much as meat. Eating at Ethos, I have found many protien rich dishes. They have a black bean burger, a seitan sandwich, a tofu wrap, a hummus wrap, a meatball sub, and I have even seen a cuban sandwich every once in a while. All of these are high in protien. Not all vegans are looking to eat fake meat every day, and Ethos does a good job of giving us a variety of meals to choose from that keeps my whole family satisfied.
Posted by harrysandy on Friday, February 22, 2013
I agree not everybody wants fake meat. But few vegans want protein-free dishes. Tofu or legumes are fine. But a lasagna or sheep's pie without any protein source at all--fake meat or not--what are they thinking?
Posted by veganzagats on Friday, February 22, 2013
Americans are overly concerned with protein. Most Americans overload on protein. There is protein in plants, pasta and breads. This posters focus on the protein "replacements" is an example of why people need to research more about their dietary requirements and how best to fulfill them. Eating lots of processed foods isn't that great for a good diet.
Posted by jaynamac on Friday, February 22, 2013
Actually, nearly all foods have some amount of protein -- yes, even vegetables and fruit. Ever heard of Kwashiorkor or Marasmus? Those are the diseases of protein deficiency, and the reason they aren't part of the common lexicon is because we all consume vast quantities of protein! Unless you're starving or have an eating disorder, you're almost certainly getting enough protein in your diet. I'd really recommend reading C. Colin Campbell's "The China Study" for some solid, scientific insight into how much protein we need, and how excessive protein intake is hugely detrimental to our health.
Posted by daikon on Thursday, March 12, 2015
Seriously, what jaynamac said.

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